Wednesday, 17 September 2014

BEAR - Save Our Paws Campaign

BEAR is celebrating its 5th birthday and has decided to do something rather wonderful.  They are teaming up with the WWF, working together to protect some of the world's most endangered paws...those of the six species of bear that are under threat of extinction.  

BEAR, present

For every special WWF pack of Paws purchased, BEAR will donate 5p (and 25p from multipacks).  This money will go directly towards helping the endangered bears and their habitats. Four of the bears will be featured on the special pack fronts: Spectacled, Sloth, Panda and Polar Bears.  I love the artwork, the bears look so adorable and you know that every purchase is going to help them.

BEAR sent us a party box so we could find out more about the endangered bears and the campaign with the WWF to Save Our Paws.  Freddy loves the Spectacled Bear most of all (no surprise that we was drawn to one that looks like he is wearing glasses!) and has made a badge to show his support for the campaign.  It is so sad to think that these unique and iconic species of bear are under threat, but  I applaud BEAR for working to protect them.  It really is the perfect partnership.

BEAR, bears

BEAR hopes to engage and educate children about the world around them and about the wonderful creatures that we share our planet with.  Through the partnership with the WWF, kids can understand that we can make a difference as the campaign raises both funds and awareness for this vital conservation work.


BEAR fruit Paws are pure fruit shapes made from gently baked fruit picked in season, and never from concentrates, they contain no added sugar, preservatives or stabilisers. They are available in four tasty recipes- ‘Dino’ Paws (strawberry & apple), ‘Jungle’ Paws (apple & blackcurrant), ‘Arctic’ paws (raspberry & blueberry) and ‘Safari’ paws (orange and strawberry).  They are perfect for lunchboxes and after school treats!


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