Monday, 29 September 2014

Telford Town Park #countrykids

Freddy is never keen on being dragged around the shops while his sisters go clothes shopping. New Look and Primark hold zero appeal for him, whereas my girls will happily explore every rack in the shop for the latest fashion buys.  With a bored 5 year old in tow, it is hard to relax and indulge in the retail therapy that my girls so enjoy. So this weekend we reached a very welcome compromise. I took Kizzy for a girlie clothes shopping spree, while Daddy and Freddy headed into the Town Park for some boy's time together.

We are really lucky that our nearest big town Telford, which is about 16 miles from home,  has a good shopping centre as well as a great play area, connected by a new complex of restaurants, which has been built around a lake and landscaped area.  We were able to enjoy a nice lunch together, before I headed off to the shops, and Ian headed off to the town park. It's nice that we all got to enjoy a day out, whilst doing something we each enjoyed.

Ian sent me photos of my little lad having a fantastic time playing in the sand, on the giant slide and trim trail and in the water park. It is a great area and absolutely free to use.  The water park with squirting jets of water was a real hit.  Thanks to the sunny weather, Freddy was able to strip down to his vest and pants and enjoy a good soaking.  We are loving this Indian Summer!

Knowing he was happy, burning off his excess energy and having fun left Kizzy and I free to shop at our leisure. It proved a great solution to our situation and everyone was happy - just how I like it!

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