Thursday, 4 September 2014

Get Your Skills on with Fruit Shoot

We had a fantastic time taking part in the Fruit Shoot #GetYourSkillsOn challenge this summer.  The children learned some new skills and polished up on some old ones. Mostly though, they had masses of fun together, getting exercise and fresh air.  It doesn't have to cost a lot of money and it doesn't necessarily need specialist equipment for your kids to get their skills on.  Simple things like balls, skipping ropes, frisbees and bats are great props to get the kids trying out new skills.  Dancing, cycling or trampolining can challenge little ones to try something new. 

This summer Freddy has mastered the art of frisbee throwing and catching, kite flying and hula hooping.  These achievements have made him so proud and have boosted his confidence in his ability.  He has also decided that he wants to go to street dance lessons. Challenging children to try new things and watching their delight in learning new skills is a wonderful experience.  It helps with their physical development, balance and co-ordination, and increases levels of fitness.  It helps them grow and develop in so many ways.

Fruit shoot, learn new skills

Check out what the children got up to with their #GetYourSkillsOn challenge this summer.  They really did well and little Freddy kept his thirst quenched with Fruit Shoot Hydro!


You can find out more about getting your skills on with Fruit Shoot on their website  You can discover tutorials for learning new skills, vote for your favourite skillster and  play games.


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