Friday, 11 July 2014

What Fred Said and his first School Report

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A conversation that happened after Freddy lost one of his Nerf bullets.
Freddy:  Mum I can't find my bullet!  Do you know where it is?
Me: No, I can't see it. You'll have to search for it Fred.
Freddy:  Search?  You mean like on Google?


Freddy has a lovely little girlfriend- who I'll call X - at school.  At almost 5 years old he is already quite serious about her!  He had a precious conversation with his dad:

Freddy:  Daddy, I won't always be your little boy you know.
Ian:  You will always be my little boy, however old you are.
Freddy:  No daddy - one day I will leave you and I will be X's husband.


Freddy has had his first end of term report and I am so proud of him.  He may still struggle with the written word, which I think is down to his eyesight and him being unable to distinguish letters or numbers in groups. In eye tests he can identify letters singularly but cannot see them when written in a line. Hopefully this will improve and we'll get him reading and writing soon.  He is seeing a consultant for his vision problems in August, fingers crossed for some answers.  

I was delighted to see that his teacher recognised him as being a "little mover" in PE.  His dancing skills really are something special!!  I'm so happy that he has a teacher that sees him for the little quirky character that he is.

I remember how terrified I was for Freddy starting school so soon after turning four, and when he was still so shy and lacking in confidence and social skills.  One school year later he is a different child with lot of friends and such a confident personality.  I LOVE his school!  Getting him a place there was the best decision I could make.

Freddy's resounding "Fabulous" when asked to describe his school experience so far sums up just how great this year has been for him!


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