Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Freddy the Weatherman - Bigjigs Play Patrol Mission #1

My little Play Patrol Agent Freddy was delighted to be picked by Bigjigs to carry out a series of secret missions over the coming months, where he will be trying out a selection of their toys and putting the fun to the test!

His first mission was to test out the Bigjigs Magnetic Weather Board. On Sunday we had a wonderful family barbecue to celebrate Freddy's 5th birthday, which is next week.  Once everyone had left, Freddy put his new toy to the test in the garden.  Donning his new uniform of baseball cap and T-shirt he took on his Play Patrol Agent role very seriously. Being outdoors was the perfect location to see exactly what the weather was doing.

The Bigjig Magnetic Weather Board is a lovely, educational toy, perfect for the bedroom, playroom or classroom.  The large wooden framed structure helps children to learn about the seasons, the weather, time and dates, all within the context of a yearly calendar.  The wooden magnetic pieces can be positioned into the relevant spaces, allowing children to record what they did, when they did it and what the weather was like.  A clock face with moveable hands also allows little ones to record the time.

Each of the date, year, season, day, month, activity and weather pieces are made of wood with a magnetic back allowing them to be stuck onto the board.  The colours and designs are appealing making this a fun activity for children to enjoy.  The clock face has words as well as numbers to assist the learning of terms such as half past, quarter to and o'clock. Freddy has always enjoyed playing with toy clocks and seeing how the hands go round.  This will hopefully help him to take his time-telling to a new level!

Being magnetic allows little ones the chance to be creative and explore the different combinations of dates and times through play.  They can learn letter and number recognition, practice counting skills, enjoy colour matching and also learn the spellings of the days, months and seasons of the year.  Older children will enjoy filling out the daily record, making them more aware of time, the weather, seasonal changes and the calendar.

It is a great starting point for discussions about weather and time related things.  For example it prompts children to think about why it rains or what causes the wind to blow, sparking their quest for scientific knowledge.  It also gives them an opportunity to understand how days, months and seasons fit together within a year.  

Freddy has been enjoying having his Weather Board to record his days on.  It is a lovely toy to go alongside his enquiring mind. It has the potential to last for years (and as it includes pieces for the years up to 2020 it will literally last until then!)  It will grow with him as his ability to tell the time and read the words improves. 


The handle allows the Weather Board to be easily carried, while the magnetic pieces stay safely attached to the board.  So Freddy had some fun in the garden putting the fun to the test up the slide, on his climbing frame and on the grass.  This proves that Bigjigs Play Patrol agents can have fun anywhere!!

Bigjigs play patrol
Using his Weather Board up the slide!!

I love the traditional and highly educational toy.  It aids concentration and dexterity in children aged 3 and over.  It's a real classic piece with lots of play value.  As with all Bigjigs toys it is made using responsibly sourced materials and conforms to EU safety standards.

Play patrol, bigjigs
Telling the time out on the lawn!

I'm sure that Freddy will enjoy this for years to come in lots of different ways.  He has already invented his own game which involves throwing the pieces at the board to try and make them stick.  He thinks it's a great laugh...but what he doesn't realise is that he is learning all about magnetism too!!

Bigjigs, play patrol
Carrying his new toy on his climbing frame!

Filling in the 'Today' section on the Board together is a chance to chat about the child's day with them, which is a lovely way for them to recount what happened and consolidate memories.  Communicating with children is vital for their language development, and boosts their self-confidence too. It's a lovely activity to share at the end of a busy day.

You can find out more from the other Play Patrol Agents on the Bigjigs Facebook page and browse their beautiful range of toys at


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