Friday, 18 July 2014

Goodbye Juniors - Hello Summer!

Today marked the end of the school year.  Kizzy said good-bye to primary school as her time as a Year 6 pupil came to an end.  In the teacher's awards presentation, she won the accolade of being recognised as MD Junior School's Next Top Model...the girl with a model attitude and the longest legs that her teacher had ever seen on an 11 year old.  But Kizzy isn't just a beauty, she's got brains too, getting level 5's for her maths SATs and a level 6 in English.  She also has a lovely group of friends (and is also mature enough to know who not to be friends with! She's had a bit of trouble recently with a so-called friend, but has dealt with it without losing her integrity). I'm so very proud of her and the way she handles herself.

school kids

Kizzy's teacher gave all the children a truly wonderful gift with a beautiful sentiment.  They each received a pretty little jar filled with things...a jar of ingredients for a fruitful future.  A contents card listed what was contained in the jar, from a packet of seeds to a sprinkle of stars with the reason behind each object.  It was so lovely.  It made me cry.

leaving present

Kizzy also had an official school autograph book, which she got filled with messages from her school friends.  It was heartwarming to see so many people saying how lovely, funny and kind my daughter is, and what a great friend she is

I'm sure will have a fantastic time when she goes up to secondary school.  She is so ready for it.  But before September, I intend to enjoy some quality time with Kizzy - along with Ella and Freddy who have both reached educational milestones themselves.  I love spending time with my children and the following six weeks will be well spent as we prepare for the next stages of our lives!  


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