Thursday, 17 July 2014

Schrodinger's Lottery Ticket

Today, driving home from the school run I remembered that I had a lottery ticket tucked into a pocket in my handbag.  We only buy them occasionally, like when there's a triple rollover or for a special occasion, so it was a few weeks old and it hadn't been checked.  In that instant I fantasised about my six numbers coming up and what I would do with the millions that I'd win. Daydreaming about winning the lottery is such a wonderful way to fill the time when your mind is empty of any actually important thoughts.  Because, if you have a lottery ticket, until you categorically know it is not, it could be a winner.  In these moments, you are both potentially a millionaire or  just another person with a losing ticket.  Just like Schrodinger's cat in a box who is both dead and alive until proven lottery ticket is simultaneously a winner and a loser until I Google the results.

In these fleeting moments, I think about all the good I could do: helping out family and friends; buying a house with a granny annex for my parents to live in; investing in some lovely little local companies that share my ethics; donating things to the childrens' schools; setting up my kids for life and holidaying in Bora Bora!

I always think I'd make a good millionaire.  I don't believe that I'd suddenly get a taste for designer clothes, flash cars, private jets or expensive jewellery.  I'd be just like me now...only richer!

So on arriving home, I unearthed my Schrodinger's Lottery Ticket from my bag, holding on to the theory that until I checked it, I was potentially going to be able to give my dearest and nearest the opportunity to sort out their lives for the better. It was such a great feeling knowing I could help fix up Auntie Debbie's cottage, pay off Joe's car, fund Ella's way through uni, help out my nephews and nieces and set up Megan in her own high flying business venture.  Just imagine all the good that could be done.  Not to mention the fun that could be had!

I Googled the lottery results and one by one checked the six numbers...9, 16, 27, 43, 45, 48...and guess what?  Not a single match.  The dream was over until next time.  Schrodinger's Lottery ticket which was now officially a losing ticket was reigned to the paper recycling pile and reality was once again restored.


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