Monday, 7 July 2014

Enjoy A Lovely Jubbly Summer

The Great British Summertime is upon us and we are keeping our fingers crossed for lots of lovely sunny days filled with family fun!  Last weekend we had a wonderful family barbecue in honour of my Freddy's 5th birthday and with the sun shining, everyone was happy when the Jubbly Ice Lollies came out!

The iconic triangular prism lollies come in orange, strawberry, cola, lemonade, blackcurrant, cherry and tropical flavours.  They contain real fruit juice and mineral water, are preservative and colouring free and are just 20 calories each, so can be enjoyed by everyone.

The Jubblies come in boxes of eight and are ready to freeze at home.  If space in the freezer is at a premium, you can pop them individually into little gaps.  There will always be a refreshingly cool frozen Jubbly at the ready for whenever the sun shines.  They make great thirst quenchers to keep little ones refreshed and hydrated on hot days.

ice lolly, summer

This season, Jubbly want everyone to enjoy a Lovely Jubbly Summer!  Over on the Jubbly Facebook page you can join in with fun competitions to win Lovely Jubbly prizes.

Jubbly, ice lollies

A Jubbly is such a fun way to cool off and quench your thirst on a sunny day.  You are never too old to enjoy ripping off the top and pushing up the triangular lolly.  All my party guests loved them as you can see in the photos above.  They went down a treat.

Freddy loves a Jubbly!  Cola is his favourite flavour and apart from the occasional mishap when he pushes them up too far and they pop out onto the floor, he has managed them in a relatively mess free manner!  No drippy melted lolly bottoms or sticky lolly sticks to contend with.

A box of eight retails at £1.39, but are often on offer for £1.00 with promotions running in supermarkets such as Asda.  It's worth having a packet on stand-by ready to pop in the freezer.

We received some lovely Jubbly lollies for this review.


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