Thursday, 10 July 2014

A Strawberry Picking Adventure with Barny

One of summer's greatest yet simplest of pleasures is to enjoy delicious, sun-ripened soft fruits picked straight from the plants.  I remember strawberry picking as a child and now I get to relive the fun with my own children. Nothing beats the taste of a sun warmed strawberry picked and popped straight into the mouth.

Mumnet sent us some strawberry flavoured Barny snacks, which are individually wrapped teddy bear shaped sponges with a tasty hidden centre!  They challenged us to have a little adventure with our family so a strawberry picking adventure with Barny seemed very apt!

Barny, strawberry

It was really interesting for Freddy to learn all about how strawberries grow. We chatted about the things that plants need and he was very interested in how the berries turned from green to red.  Children love nature and it's a lovely way for some hands-on learning.

Our strawberry picking adventure wasn't just for Freddy's enjoyment. The older children loved being in the beautiful countryside enjoying the sunshine.  Picking berries is a very therapeutic pastime and we all made plans for recipe ideas using our fruity haul...Summer Berry Crumble anyone??

summer, soft fruits

Freddy remembered one of his favourite stories, "The Little Mouse, the Red, Ripe Strawberry and the Big, Hungry Bear."  We had fun thinking of all the ways in which the mouse could keep the bear from eating his strawberry. We hoped that Barny wouldn't try and eat all of our strawberries!


We picked some lovely fresh fruit which everyone enjoyed!  Fruit that has been freshly picked is just so superior to supermarket fruit that has been picked before it is fully ripened.  It's lovely for little ones to taste fruit how it should be enjoyed - sun-warmed and sweet.

soft fruit, summer, fruit picking

Freddy enjoyed a delicious snack of a strawberry Barny and some lovely red, ripe strawberries to accompany it!  Barny sponges are free from artificial preservatives and colours and are made from real ingredients such as wheatflour, eggs, milk and sugar.  In addition to the strawberry flavour, there are apple, chocolate and milk varieties.  They make great little snacks for children, and as they are individually packaged they are perfect for lunchboxes or when out and about on adventures.

snack, kids food


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