Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Easy Jam-Making for Beginners

This year I have had a bumper crop of strawberries from the patch in our garden.  We have also enjoyed fruit picking at a local PYO farm, so soft fruit has played a big part in our summer eating!

When Persil challenged me to try my hand at jam making, I thought it would be a fun way of using some of the soft fruits we have been enjoying.  I've never made jam before, thinking it was too much of a fiddly and time consuming process, but I used a recipe to make a super easy jar of jam, which I then used to make a Bakewell Tart.  It certainly wasn't cheaper or easier than using shop bought jam, but it was lovely knowing that I had made it myself using just two ingredients:  raspberries and sugar!

jam, soft fruit

Recipe for Easy Raspberry Jam

(to make 1 jar of jam)

300g raspberries
300g granulated sugar


Put fruit and sugar in a pan over a low heat until sugar dissolves.
Turn up heat and boil until temperature reaches 106 degrees.
Remove from heat and cool.
Pour into jar and seal.

jam making

You can strain the jam through muslin or a fine sieve to make it seedless, but we just enjoyed it how it was.

Jam making can be a bit of a messy job, which gave me an ideal opportunity to test out Persil's new Dual Action laundry capsules.  Combining stain removing microgranules with boosted concentrated liquid, the next generation capsules can tackle a whole host of household stains including jam!

With a sizeable blob of raspberry jam on my apron, I popped on a white load of laundry.  I did not pre-treat the stain at all, leaving all the work down to the Dual Action Capsules.  I used a 40 degree cycle that lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes.

laundry, stain removal

I was genuinely impressed to see the stain completely gone!  I was also pleased to see that a tomato ketchup stain on a pair of Ella's shorts had washed away.  They are very effective, fuss free and easy to use.

They are available in tubs of 17 and 28 priced at £8.32 and £9.99 (and right now they come with a money back guarantee!)

or find them on Twitter @PersilUK #persildualaction


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