Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Check Out Aldi School Shop for Low Priced School Uniform

Buying school uniform for the kids can be very expensive. However, there are ways that you can cut the costs considerably.  Even if your child's school has items of compulsory uniform such as sweatshirts bearing the school logo, you can still save pounds by shopping for the other bits and bobs at Aldi this year.

low price school uniform

The prices are low, but the quality is still great with every item independently tested for durability, washability, fabric strength, comfort and quality of the stitching.  Colours are tested against fading or running and the designs are tested for practicality. So you can be assured that each item is up for the back to school challenge.

All sizes from 4-11 years are one price, so you won't end up paying more for your older or bigger kids. You can invest in clothes for them to grow into at the same low prices and future proof your school uniform with bargain buys. You could even buy a couple of spares just in case!

Here is a sample of what is on offer in store from tomorrow, July 24th:
  • Polo shirts with button front and ribbed collar are available in blue or white and priced at just £1.25.
  • Round neck sweaters in navy or red are just £1.25 each.
  • Girl's Pleated Skirts in navy, black or grey with permanent pleats are just £1.50.
  • Trousers for girls and boys in navy, black and grey with Teflon fabric protection are just £1.50.
  • Short sleeved shirts are just £1.99.
  • Scuff resistant shoes for kids' sizes 10-3 with velcro fastening are available for £6.99.

All the uniform come with name labels inside to make labeling the children's school clothing easy and ensuring their property doesn't get lost.  The clothing is all easy to launder with clear care labels to keep it looking at its best.

With prices this low, getting the kids back to school and looking smart won't be such a financially daunting prospect!!

Also in store, you'll find stationery and learning books to help the kids get ready for September.

Freddy received some new black school trousers and polo shirts from the range and I am very impressed with the quality you get for the low price tag.  The finish is good, the stitching is secure and the material, of the trousers in particular, is really nice. It'll be well worth checking out the range of Specialbuys when they appear in Aldi's School Shop tomorrow.


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