Monday, 31 March 2014

My Mother's Day

A hand print butterfly card from my precious little schoolboy :)  he had hidden in in the kitchen cupboard since Friday so he could surprise me.

homemade card, craft

 A card from my three youngest comparing me to Disney characters, which made me cry.  I feel humbled to know that they think of me in these ways.

Mother's Day

In the same theme, Freddy drew me this picture saying "Mum is Rapunzel.  She is pretty."  More tears!

Mother's Day

Freddy also presented me with the most beautiful bunch of flowers...and a Dairylea Dunker as breakfast in bed!  The latter brought back memories of my eldest son bringing me a chocolate Pop Tart spread with Marmite as a breakfast in bed treat when he was about the same age!


Megan made me a video that was just so lovely that I cried some more!  She is doing so tremendously well pursuing her dream career and grasping every opportunity that comes her way.  She is an inspiration. She does us so proud!

A Facebook message from my eldest Joe let me know that he was thinking of me, as he spent a day with his own little family :)

I had a lovely chat on the phone to my own fabulous Mum.  I love her to bits!  She loved all her presents and the Moonpig card I sent her, which featured old family photos of us together alongside photos of her with my kids.

Mothers day

Ella playing her guitar and singing for me whilst I baked some cakes was a wonderful way to spend my afternoon.  We followed it up by catching up on the new series of How I Met Your Mother snuggled under a duvet.  Simple things make me happy.

I adore my brood and feel so blessed.

I love being their mum more than anything else in the world.

They make me so proud everyday.


I was also sent a little pamper hamper from Virtual Bathrooms so I could enjoy a lovely scented candelit bubble bath.  Thanks to them too :)

Mother's day


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