Friday, 28 March 2014

Maldives - The Scent of Paradise #scentsofadventure

Kuoni have set a challenge for bloggers to come up with the signature scent of the Maldives, one that ignites thoughts of far flung destinations and captures the essence of a tropical paradise.


How can just one fragrance encapsulate the scent of paradise?  To me, the scent of The Maldives would be a rare confluence of the exotic and the tropical coming together to form a fragrance that would evoke the emotions, transporting us to the place of our dreams.  Far reaching, sun drenched white beaches with crystal turquoise waters, teeming with beautiful marine life, lapping at the shores.  Gently swaying palm trees punctuating the scenery against a backdrop of lush, green vegetation.  Clear azure skies, fresh, clean air and the promise of adventure filling your soul and freeing your spirit.

The signature scent of the Maldives would be a combination of the following fragrances...the beautiful aroma of this island paradise.  Combining the evocative odours of the Maldivian national tree, flower, food and fruit with the other flora of the islands, these are the smells which I imagine when I close my eyes and picture myself lying on the soft, warm sand next to my husband, breathing in the sweet Maldivian air.

Pandanus flowers with their exotic, subtle fragrance, known as the vanilla of the east.

Authentic Maldivian cuisine taking its influences form India and the Middle East. Gentle spice fragrances wafting, tempting and delicious.

Rose petals - Finefenmaa the Maldives national flower- soft pink confetti gently tossed and blown by the sea breeze.

Anbu - the Maldivian Mangoes growing on laden trees in the Southern atolls give off the fragrant aroma of their sweet, sun-ripened flesh.

Dhivehi ruh - coconut palms in the language of the islands, the national fruit rich with its sweet, heavy scent of summer.  Memories of Pina Coladas sipped through a straw from a coconut shell.

Infusions of floral Jasmine, Frangipani, Hibiscus and Bougainvillea - ornamental flowers that grow close to the sun kissed beach.

Sea air, fresh with ozone and the tangy scent of salt.

Exotic, luscious, tropical fruits, bananas, papaya and pineapple, fresh and growing in abundance.

image by - scubadiver

But if I had to pinpoint that one single fragrance, which truly captures the tropical paradise of the Maldives it would have to be the scent of the luscious, tropical fruits that grow on the shores combined in a luscious, beachside cocktail.  A Mango Colada!

coconut clipart
Image by Open Clip Art

Find out more at the Maldives by visiting the Kuoni site:


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