Thursday, 13 March 2014

What Does Your TV Viewing Say About You?

I am not ashamed to admit that our television is one of our favourite household possessions...all 55" of its HD 3D surround sound gloriousness is appreciated by everyone from 4 year old Nick Jr loving Freddy to technology loving daddy!  We love sitting down as a family to watch a whole host of TV shows, snuggled up together under blankets munching on snacks.  

Our viewing choices encompass many quality US dramas like Revenge, Homeland and The Following.  We enjoy a good comedy such as How I Met Your Mother, South Park or Modern Family.  Reality TV shows such as Big Brother and Made in Chelsea regularly feature in our favourites. We also enjoy crime documentaries and medical programmes (especially those lighthearted cheesy American ones which feature those overly dramatic re-enactments...perfect for some light relief!)  Films are always a great way to enjoy the capabilities of our TV and we have an extensive library of blockbusters, Disney films and chick flicks at our disposal for a movie night complete with popcorn.

However, we never, ever watch any soap operas (it's the night after night, week afer week commitment to something so trivial that I just don't understand) and we can't stand the likes of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (it's just a bit too childish and forced).  On a Saturday night we are more likely to turn to a good movie for entertainment, rather than join in with the big weekend shows (apart from when Dancing on Ice was on,  because seriously, who doesn't want to have a weekly fix of Torville and Dean on their tellybox!)  The TV never goes on during the daytime if I am home alone as the prospect of being addicted to daytime TV terrifies me.  Nothing would get done if I sat procrastinating with Jeremy Kyle or This Morning.

I took the TalkTalk TV Tribe quiz to find out what my viewing habits say about me.  Unsurprisingly I am apparently a 'Family Guy' whose TV time is embedded into my family life and part of my evening routine.  Ian and I don't go out socially so, once Freddy is tucked up in bed, staying in with the older kids is the source of our entertainment and relaxation.  Gaming, music and TV feature quite highly in that.  Things that we can all enjoy that bridge the generation gap and bring us all together with a shared agenda.


We are most definitely not inert viewers of television shows.  We chat and interact throughout the programmes, discussing topics and predicting what might happen next.  It is a very social event with lots of laughter and fun, especially among myself and my girls. In shows such as Dancing on Ice we enthusiastically support out favourites, cover our eyes whenever someone attempts the infamous headbanger move and unashamedly drool over the incredible torsos of one or two of the pro-skaters (have you seen the silky smooth, ridiculously toned and sculpted Sylvain and Matt??!!)  

You don't get to pay 100% attention when something is on TV in our house because of the constant chatter, so I am really grateful for the live TV rewind facility, which enables us to go back if we miss some crucial dialogue in one of our dramas.  I'd be so lost in the double crossing, super complicated saga that is Revenge without rewind!

If I was to pick a perfect TV moment, it would have to be watching footage of the start of the London 2012 Olympic games with my family and some friends.  The opening ceremony was such a spectacle and you felt like you were a part of something global, witnessing history being made.  It was exciting, thrilling and humbling and tears were most definitely shed.  To me, that is the true beauty of TV today.  That link to live events streamed instantaneously into your home for your enjoyment as they are happening - plus you get a great view!  When 'the Queen' parachuted into the stadium alongside James Bond I felt proud to be British!  Sharing this once in a lifetime moment with loved ones was really emotional.  I enjoy making a family event out of such programmes.  We have a few snacks and drinks on the coffee table and cuddle up together to watch.  We did the same with the Oscars this year (although it was recorded live and watched at a more reasonable hour...4 am bedtimes are no longer my thing!)  We avoided spoilers all day and sat in nervous anticipation in hope that Leonardo Di Caprio would finally be honoured with the one award that has always eluded him.  Sadly, he, like us, was left disappointed, but we loved catching glimpses of our favourite A Listers and cheering on Frozen whilst enjoying chips and dips under a slanket!  We know how to do it with style!!  Who needs Hollywood when you've got North Shropshire?

I know TV viewing is often criticised as being a lazy source of entertainment for couch potatoes with never better to do, but I wholeheartedly disagree.  TV is a wonderful provider of so much quality viewing.  You can be entertained, but also educated, inspired, mentally and emotionally stimulated, you can witness historic events, connect with the world and be a part of the fantastic phenomena that is 21st century worldwide media.  

However you choose to interact with your TV and however big a part particular programmes play in your life, we are fortunate enough to have quality viewing at our fingertips all day everyday, that we can switch on - or turn off!  Our TV definitely brings my family together and gives us something to chat about and look forward to.  When you are the mum of teenagers, this is an absolute blessing giving you common ground and a shared interest, which isn't always an easy thing to find.

Why not take the quiz and find out which tribe you belong to and what your TV habits say about you? 
Just fill in a few answers here: TalkTalk TV Tribes Quiz to find out!

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This is my entry into the Tots 100 TV Tribe competition.


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