Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Freddy's 'Chocolate Crispy Crackle Cakes'

Freddy enjoys helping out in the kitchen, whether he is baking cakes, washing up or decorating biscuits, if it's messy and fun...he is happy!  He has been busy helping make some no-cook chocolate and cereal cakes, using some Jordan's Country Crisp with Strawberries and some Asda Little Angels Organic Sultanas and Raisins that we were sent to try out.  It's such a quick and easy kid friendly recipe. Perfect for little ones to treat Mum on Mother's day with some yummy treats!

Jordans Cereal

To make 10 'chocolate crispy crackle cakes' you need:

150g milk chocolate (melted in microwave on Medium)
1-2 cups of cereal (we used Jordan's Country Crisp with Strawberry Cereal and Special K)
Raisins, sweeties and sprinkles to decorate.

Once the chocolate is melted, little ones can mix the cereals in independently and spoon the mix into ten cupcake cases in a tin.  

kids baking

The mix can then be decorated with sprinkles, dried fruit or sweets before being put in the fridge to set.

ASDA organic raisins

Once they are set they are ready to eat!  The strawberry pieces add a delicious fruity flavour, which works well with the milk chocolate.  Decorating with raisins adds some dried fruit goodness into your child's diet (but Freddy loves to add Hundreds and Thousands too!)

no cook cake recipe


We were sent the Little Angels Organic Raisins which cost 40p for a snack size pack, perfect for lunchboxes.  Also available are Raisins & Sultanas and Raisin & Apple, plus fruity Organic Oaty bars at £1.99 for 5 bars in apple, strawberry, banana and apricot flavours. They are yummy, organic and a healthier choice when it comes to snacking.


Jordan's Country Crisp with Sun ripened Strawberries contain nothing artificial.  They are made using wholesome oaty clusters, nuts and freeze dried strawberries.  They are available in good supermarkets priced around £2.69 for a 500g packet.



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