Monday, 24 March 2014

Getting to Grips with a Rope Swing

With a little bit of sunshine managing to breakthrough at the weekend, Freddy took full advantage of the garden.  Dressed in his LEGO Movie onesie and his customised Skribbies hi-tops, my little man decided to master the art of the rope swing.  The girls, when they were younger, never really managed to do much more than hang off it clinging on for dear life with both hands, but Freddy had bigger plans.  Climbing up the ladder to the platform of his slide and swing set, carrying the rope with him, he launched himself off the edge with the rope wrapped around his waist.  Like a miniature Tarzan he flew through the air, coming perilously close to the frame of the play equipment he had jumped off, but undeterred by the dangers of his new game.  He has continued to experiment with his rope swing and it has become his garden toy of choice.  Sometimes he lands in a heap but springs up declaring "I'm OK!" before brushing himself down and doing it all over again.

It is so wonderful to see Freddy back to his old self, healthy, happy and full of energy enjoying the garden and the great outdoors.  After so many weekends being written off due to ill health, I am looking forward to making the most of the improving weather and enjoying some family fun!

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