Friday, 21 March 2014

Egg and Chips with a Chocolatey Twist from Hotel Chocolat!

Egg and chips is one of life's guilty pleasures, that is sometimes exactly what you need to satisfy a comfort food craving.  A perfect British classic, reminiscent of childhood teatimes spent dunking your chips into the runny yolk!  This year, Hotel Chocolat have recreated this childhood favourite, making the perfect Easter gift for anyone who shares my love of egg and chips.  They sent me one to try, which came in one of their Hotel Chocolat classy, stylish, black ribboned gift bags!  

The sunnyside up egg has a gorgeous yellow yolk filled with runny salted caramel and the egg white is made from creamy white chocolate speckled with vanilla seeds.  The eight chips are made from mellow milk chocolate filled with salted caramel. Beautifully presented, this is an ideal alternative to a traditional Easter Egg.  It is cute and quirky, with a real sense of fun.  Definitely one of the more original gift ideas that I've seen this year, and knowing that it is from Hotel Chocolat guarantees that it is top quality.

I love the attractive presentation of the Egg and Chips and the sturdy packaging makes this a good choice if you are sending someone an Easter gift this year.  It's a lot less fragile and more compact than a hollow egg.  It's a lovely take on a classic teatime treat, that will definitely delight anyone lucky enough to receive it!

You can buy the Hotel Chocolat Egg and Chips instore or online priced at £14.00.

Hotel Chocolat


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