Tuesday, 1 April 2014

It's time for a new watch!

A watch is a statement.
It says something about you.
Your style.
Your needs.
Who you are.
It can be practical.
A designer label.
It can be super modern or more traditional.

So why then do I currently NOT have a watch!!

Growing up I always had a watch.  Some cartoon character with moving hands pointing at the numbers, as I learned how to tell the time. As a teenager my watches were fashion statements with interchangeable colourful straps and face rims, that co-ordinated with my outfits.  The advent of new technology saw us wear digital watches with built in calculators that we thought made us look super intelligent and futuristic.  Over time, this advancing technology saw the mobile phone rise meteorically.  Now everyone has a phone, which as just one of its myriad functions, displays the time.  So when my beautiful antique silver bracelet watch that I loved went missing, I decided that instead of replacing it, I'd make do with using the phone to tell the time.  Oh what a mistake that was.  My naked wrist feels so empty without a watch.  The amount of times I glance to the place where a watch should be, only to be disappointed by its absence makes me realise that my watch needs to be replaced.  Rooting around in my handbag for my phone every time I want to check on the time is just frustrating.  Then 9 out of 10 times, with the phone in my hand I feel compelled to check my social media or play a couple of levels of Plants Vs Zombies, both of which take up the valuable time I was checking up on in the first place.  It's just counter productive!

So I have perused the pages of The Watch Hut, sponsors of the Best Writer category of this year's MAD Blog Awards, eyeing up their gorgeous offerings and found a watch that I love!

watch, timepiece

The Fossil ladies' watch has a large face with easy to read hands. Both important features to me these days now I'm a 'forty something'!  It is practical but just oozing with style.  I adore the tortoiseshell strap and the row of crystals that add femininity and a hint of luxury to the design.  The brown colour is quite unusual and in my opinion is much nicer than metallic or brightly coloured watches.  I am a fan of matches my hair and my taste in clothing! Inspired by vintage styles, I think this is just lovely, whilst remaining perefectly practical for a busy, time pressed  mum.  At £76 it's a bargain too, selling at 20% off its RRP.

So, just maybe, if I am very lucky, this lovely timepiece could be finding its way to me, to adorn my naked wrist and save me from the time-telling procrastination of using my mobile phone!

This is my entry for the MAD Blog Awards sponsor The Watch Hut competition.


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