Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Countdown to Easter with Playmobil

We are all familiar with advent calendars counting down to Christmas Day, but now we can countdown to Easter too with this brilliant Easter Calendar from Playmobil!  There are 10 doors to open, each containing an Easter themed Playmobil item that together will create a cute Easter bunny scene on Easter Sunday.


Featuring three Easter Bunny figures along with Easter eggs and other accessories, this is a lovely gift for a child in the run up to Easter, that can be kept and played with for years to come.  It is perfect for some imaginative role play games where the bunnies are painting and hiding eggs for the big day. It would make a great alternative to a chocolate egg for children aged 4 and up and would be ideal to send through the post, being much less fragile!

I love the big, chunky, colourful box with the ten big, numbered doors pre-filled with Playmobil goodies. Freddy loved opening the Playmobil pirate advent calendar in the run up to Christmas, excitedly opening it each day to find what toy was hiding inside.  He is going to adore this Easter calendar and the toys will make a great display on our windowsill over Easter.

Easter calendar

Playmobil toys are so well made with perfect attention to detail, and this set will be a welcome addition to Freddy's collection. (Bunnies aren't just for Easter after all...just look at Harvey, Hop or that bunny from Donnie Darko!!!)

Countdown calendars can help with children's number recognition and help build up the excitement to special occasions.  They also work well in conjunction with a reward scheme, as the promise of opening a new door on the calendar can be just the trick for getting a little one to get dressed, clean their teeth, eat breakfast or tidy their toys.  At exciting times of the year when routines get disrupted, this can prove very useful indeed!

The Easter Calendar is available at alongside a whole range of other brilliant Playmobil toys. It is reasonably priced at just £9.99 which I think is excellent value...or should I say eggscellent value?!


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