Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Making Home Improvements a Family Affair

DIY is usually a lot of hard work!  When you have children who are eager to 'help', the simplest tasks can become an even bigger chore as you try to paint the walls and supervise your toddler while he sticks his fingers in the can of emulsion.  If you have some jobs that need doing around the house, there are ways that you can involve the whole family without it becoming a DIY disaster.  Delegating tasks to each member of the household will make everyone feel important and hopefully make it easier to get on with the job in hand. Plus, the kids can learn valuable skills that they can develop in later life.

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Make wooden planters

If you are improving the garden, displaying wooden boxes filled with plants is a great way to add colour to even the smallest outdoor space, plus it's a good way to teach the little ones about gardening. Making the wooden planters yourself is something best done when the kids are not around as it will involve cutting wood using a jigsaw.  But once the boxes have been put together, sanded and primed, you can then allow your little co-workers to help you choose a paint colour and design. Maybe even let them decorate their own planter while you paint yours.

Take a family trip to your local garden centre and allow each family member to pick their own plant for the garden. Giving children the responsibility of looking after their plant, will teach them the importance of nurturing and caring for it.  Getting into the habit of watering the plants makes little ones very useful in the summertime!


Create a feature wall

Whether it’s in the kids' room, the living room, the playroom or in the kitchen, a feature wall is a great asset to the home, which totals revamps the living space. Whether you opt simply to add a lick of paint or apply a funky wallpaper design, there are various options to choose from. You can let the little ones accompany you when it comes to choosing the paint colours and wallpaper styles. If you need to strip a wall, little ones will love to help peel the old paper off.  Once they get bored you can get out the steamer and finish the job in no time.

Special paints can transform a wall into a blackboard or make it magnetic - perfect for the playroom!  There are lots of wall stickers available that will transform a wall in just minutes.  Let little ones help with the decision making so they feel involved.

Stencils are also a great idea, and younger children can have a go – just ensure you tape newspaper over any areas you wish to protect.


Sometimes you need to get in the professionals for any big jobs that need doing. You may need to repair your sash windows, install double glazing, plaster the ceiling or put in a gas fire.  Little ones can be curious but it is important to keep them away from the work in progress.  Ensuring they are entertained whilst this work is going on is a must.  But they still want to feel like they are helping.

Get creative

Why not get them to create their own artwork using brightly coloured materials such as fabric, tissue paper, glitter and paint.  It will certainly ensure they’re entertained. You can then frame their artwork and hang it on one of the walls in the household. This will make them feel like they’ve really helped with the home improvements.


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