Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What Kids Learn on Holiday

Holidays aren't simply a week or two spent away from home - they are so, so much more.  They are a chance for families to spend much needed quality time together, for relationships to reconnect unencumbered by everyday commitments.  They provide opportunities to discover many new things:  foods, cultures, things to do,  places to go. They allow individuals the freedom to grow and learn through exploration and adventure in an environment free from the restraints of  routine.  They unleash our fun sides and allow us to relax, unwind and de-stress while we experience a break from our real lives.

Holidays are also the perfect opportunity for children to learn something new, develop new skills and discover exciting things that they never knew before.  Whether you take an activity holiday where kids' swimming, surfing and abseiling lessons are on the agenda, or whether your child learns organically through play, holidays are a chance for children to grow as individuals.


Being on holiday is a great opportunity to visit castles, museums and stately homes, all of which give the children the chance to learn about history and how people lived in the past.  Zoos, botanical gardens and aquariums teach them firsthand about the flora and fauna around them.  

Visiting the beaches of Normandy opened my kids' eyes up to the realities of WWII and seeing the war memorials and cemeteries was a really educational and emotional experience, and much more powerful than reading a history book at school. 

ww2, world war 2, Normandy

My children have learned to fly kites, ride bikes, swim, ride horses, drive quad bikes and abseil whilst on holiday. Practicing old skills or learning new skills helps children to grow and is an enjoyable part of a week away.  I love to watch my kids taking part in new activities and seeing their confidence and independence blossom is a wonderful side effect!


Kids can unleash their creativity in lots of new and exciting ways: writing  their names in the sand, building sand castles, making art collages out of shells and seaweed on the beach, making a den in the woods or collecting pine cones, leaves and feathers to create a model.

beach art

Whether you holiday abroad or take vacations in the UK, the potential for children to learn is incredible.  We love to visit destinations in Wales, as it is relatively close to our home in Shropshire.  We've visited Bala with its water sports and love walking in Snowdonia, taking in the scenery.  But my favourite place in Wales is Portmeirion.  We had a glorious holiday where the children had a wonderful time exploring, playing, discovering and even learning a little Welsh! (Look up Visit Wales for some Welsh holiday inspiration.)

Portmeirion Holiday

“This post is an entry for the Visit Wales #Wales4KidsFamily Holiday Challenge. Wales is the perfect place for a fun-filled family break.” 



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