Monday, 24 June 2013

The Men In My Life

Yesterday, my baby grandson Ted had his Naming Day, a day where we came together to celebrate this new little man in our lives.  He is a lucky little boy with lots of people who love him from both sides of his family.  Both of his paternal great grandparents were there which made the day really special bringing four generations of his family together.  We had a lovely day which reminded me just how blessed I am to be surrounded by people that I love so very much. 

Seeing my own sons Freddy and Joseph together makes me so proud.  Joe always wanted a baby brother when he was younger, but instead got three younger sisters.  He was a fabulous big brother to them all, but he always hoped for another boy in the family.  It wasn't until the year that Joe left home to live with his girlfriend Jade, that Freddy came along.  But although they have never lived together, the brotherly bond is just as strong.


Now Joe has a son of his own, a new generation of McDonald men has begun.  Seeing Ian , Joe and Ted together is wonderful.  It makes us so proud that our son is now such a great dad to his boy.  Joe now understands what it is like to be a parent, and understands just how much we have always loved him.  It tightens the bond between us all.



 The best part of the day for me, was seeing my own 80 year old dad with his grandson and great grandson.  Baby Ted has been given my dad's name Stanley as his second name, which is such an honour for my dad.  It is also Joe's middle name so it is a lovely family tradition.  

Initially my dad was nervous about being there because he suffers terribly with arthritis in his legs.  But thankfully, he changed his mind when my in-laws offered to drive him down with them, saving him the two hour drive.  It was still a long day for my dad, but we looked after him, keeping him comfortable!  He was glad to have been a part of Ted's special day and relished being surrounded by his family.  Due to the distance, he doesn't get to see Joe very often, but it means the world to them both when they get together.  Beautiful memories were made which will last forever.


My family means everything to me and these Magic Moments are what makes my life worthwhile.


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