Friday, 7 June 2013

Father's Day Competition - A Tribute To My Dad

  John Lewis have a Father's Day blogging competition where you could win a special gift for your dad.  The prize is an amazing Osiris Chrono watch.

To enter, all you have to do write a post telling them why your dad is great. (by Friday 12pm) Once the post is completed leave me a link in the comments and I will forward them on to the PR company who will enter you into the prize draw to win the special prize.  Winner will be picked at random and notified by John Lewis on June 14th and the prize will be sent out by them that day.

Here is my entry!

Why My Dad is Great

My dad Stanley (on the right) was born in 1932 in the Black Country.

hop picking

He was conscripted to the army into the regiment of the Coldstream Guards when he was 18 and served King and Country in Egypt and Cyprus.  He then became a Sergeant serving at Windsor Castle.

coldstream guards

He marched in Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation in 1953. (My dad is centre of the front row.)


He met my mum in a pub in Windsor and left the army life behind him to start a new life with the woman he loved.


They married on Christmas Eve, 1955.


My parents went on to have three daughters, the youngest of which was me!  My dad helped deliver me, when my mum gave birth during visiting hours, which was really unusual back in 1969. That gave us a unique bond as he saw me being born.


As a little girl I loved my dad.  He was my hero.  I always thought he was the tallest man in the world and ever so handsome.  Although family life wasn't always easy, I have so many fond memories of my childhood.  Riding on my dad's shoulders when I got tired from walking.  Snuggling up on the sofa watching Charlie's Angels.  My dad making me laugh by doing silly dances and pulling faces.  Being allowed to keep the stray cat that my sister found.  Going rock pooling and catching crabs on our annual seaside holiday.  Drawing pictures for my dad to hang in his office.  Going to see Star Wars at the cinema and having to queue up for ages!  helping him in the garden where he grew vegetables and fruit.  Going for Sunday drives in his Hillman Avenger.  Watching him sorting out his stamp collection on the table.  Playing our favourite family card game, Benny! 


Even as a teenager we still shared fun moments together.  I never stopped being a 'Daddy's Girl' who wanted her dad to be proud of her.

funny faces

When I was just 19, I gave birth to my first born son Joe. I was single but I was never alone with my family's support.  I gave my baby boy the middle name Stanley in honour of my dad.


My dad was so proud to be the Father of the Bride when I married Ian in 1997.  He sang 'Oh What a Beautiful Morning' in the middle of his wedding speech, doing his best Howard Keel impression.  He has continued to be so supportive and helped me so much at every stage of my life.


Today, my dad is 80 years old. He is still very much in love with my mum and they have an inspirational rock solid marriage.   His role has changed over the years as each new generation of our family came into being.  He has adapted to these changes with his trademark humour, generous spirit and loving heart.  


We all cherish him and love him with all our heart.


 He now has a grand total of thirteen grandchildren. Although his knees are arthritic and he suffers pain, he still manages to be as hands on as he can be and we love spending family time with him and my mum.  We laugh a lot and have fun together which I think is wonderful.

family, birthday, celebrating

He became a Great Grandad for the first time last year to baby Ted Stanley, named in his honour. Just as I had given the name to Ted's daddy 24 years earlier. He also has a second great grandson who was born just yesterday!


I feel so blessed to have four generations of my family.  Family is the most important part of my life and I intend to make as many wonderful memories as I can.  My kids adore my dad and that relationship just makes me love him all the more.  They are lucky to have him.

walking stick

This Father's Day I will be celebrating the fact that I have a dad that I love and who is still a big part of my life and my children's lives.  Thank you Dad, just for being you!!  I love you xxx


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