Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What's In My Handbag?

Once upon a time I had a designer handbag that was small and elegant.  It carried my Estee Lauder lipstick, tickets for the latest music venue that I was heading to and my pretty, little purse containing enough money to keep me in drinks all night and then get a taxi home.

Then I had kids!

My handbag was quickly replaced with an over stuffed baby bag filled with nappies, wipes, changes of clothes, toys, snacks, drinks etc. etc.  The little front pocket held my car keys, my credit card, my old mobile phone and a packet of emergency paracetamol.

These days, I have at last managed to evolve beyond the baby bag.  I now have a big, mummy style handbag with loads of room inside to accommodate everything I need as a mum with kiddies in tow.   I only just recently started using my current bag so it isn't as yet filled with all the junk I accumulated in my last bag such as serviettes and sauce sachets picked up at cafes and coffee shops, tonnes of receipts, leaflets picked up in shops, out of date grocery coupons, half eaten packets of sweets, broken biros and old McDonald's toys!

So, just what do I have in my handbag today??



Next Black and Cream Tote Bag
Car keys
House keys
Four keyrings of Freddy
Trolley token keyring
Samsung S3
Next Sunglasses
Nintendo 3DS plus Kid Icarus game (to keep Freddy entertained while grocery shopping!)
Euro Lottery ticket (matching 3 numbers plus a lucky star worth £9.60!)
Cadbury's buttons
Boots Time Delay Lip Gloss
Bad Gal Eye Liner
Leather Purse containing credit card, bank card, store cards, loyalty cards, Driver's Licence, family photos and about £20 cash.
Starbucks comments card (I've already started picking up junk!)

What is really surprising is the value of the contents that I carry around.  Although I don't have a designer bag or expensive taste, my bag plus its contents would cost me in excess of £650 to replace!  And as for my keyrings of Freddy and my family photos...well they are just priceless!

This is my entry is the What's in Your Handbag? competition.


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