Thursday, 20 June 2013

21 Day Almond Snacking Challenge

Most days, I enjoy a mid morning or an afternoon snack.  In the past, this could have meant indulging in crisps or biscuits, but I try to avoid these unhealthy snacks.  It's a slippery slope for me, leading to sugar and salt cravings and unnecessary binges!  

When I was challenged to take part in the 21 day Snack Happy challenge with California Almonds, I was interested to see if whether switching to snacking on almonds would make a difference to my overall diet and wellbeing.  I love nibbling on nuts, so the prospect of switching to snacking on almonds everyday was an appealing one.  Not only are they tasty they are a good source of protein, high in fibre and contain calcium, vitamin E and other essential nutrients.  A handful of 23 almonds has just 138 calories, and eating them actually helps reduce cravings for salty or fatty foods.  

  So for three weeks I have enjoyed eating a portion of almonds a day.  They provide a sustained burst of energy and a host of nutritional benefits, and by eating them daily I have not been tempted to choose less healthy snack choices.


I really enjoyed having the little snack packs of almonds available when hunger struck.  The crunchy almonds  are very satisfying and a handful takes a while to eat maintaining the pleasure of munching.  They really do fill you up until the next meal. It is nice knowing that they are delivering a boost of energy and nutrients to my body, rather than the empty calories supplied by sugary snacks.  It is a guilt-free pleasure!

As a vegetarian, eating nuts is a great way of getting extra, essential nutrients into my diet.  Snacking on almonds is definitely a habit that I will continue. Almonds can also be incorporated into meals adding crunch to breakfast cereal or making a nutty topping for salads or curries. 

Disclaimer: California Almonds has asked me to take part in the Snack Happy Challenge. They have provided me with all I need to complete the challenge. For more information about healthy snacking please visit


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