Friday, 14 June 2013

Weetabix on the Go

Did you know that 8 million Brits skip breakfast everyday!  Many people grab a snack to eat on the go, but the choices for a healthy and substantial morning meal have not always been that great.

Weetabix have come to the rescue, applying their breakfast expertise to their newly launched Weetabix On The Go - the perfect portable solution for busy mornings.  The delicious baked biscuits come in individual four pack servings and provide all the fibre, minerals and vitamins of two regular Weetabix.  They mean you can grab them and go, knowing that you haven't compromised on a good start to the day.

We were sent the Apple with a Hint of Cinnamon and the Fruit and Fibre  varieties to try out.



The biscuits themselves are Weetabix shaped and bear the distinctive Weetabix logo.  The four packs come in their own plastic packet keeping the contents safe and protected when on the go.  You can pop one straight into your bag.  The multipack boxes contain five of these 50g servings.


The biscuits themselves are lower in fat, sugar and salt than the average breakfast biscuit.  They are rich in wholegrains, high in fibre and contain Calcium,vitamins and Iron.  They have a very pleasant taste and are surprisingly filling.  So filling in fact, that two would be plenty.  I'd save the other two for a snack later in the day!

The pieces of apple or fruit in the biscuits give a lovely flavour and add some texture.  They make a nice alternative to the Milk and Cereal flavour.  I am a bit of a purist and prefer the subtle vanilla flavour of the original ones. But Ian likes the dried fruity pieces and loves the new additions to the range.

The Weetabix On The Go are so convenient for those days when you just don't have time to eat a proper breakfast or if you want to eat later on.  They are great for my daughter who is at college and has to catch the 7.30am bus.  She can grab a pack of Weetabix On The Go and a carton of juice to enjoy on the bus.  I know she is getting something nutritious that will fill her up and help fuel her day!

RRP: £2.19 for a multi-pack/ 55p for an individual pack of 4 biscuits


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