Thursday, 13 June 2013

Carrie and David Grant - Jump Up and Join In

Carrie and David Grant are very popular in our household.  We were big fans of Fame Academy and Carrie and David's Pop Shop, so when we heard that they had brought out a range of children's books we were really very excited.  We were given the chance to review Elephant's Birthday Bells and Lion's Speedy Sauce  and we couldn't wait to read them!

The 32 page full colour paperback books are beautifully illustrated and introduce a host of music loving animal characters to young children.  The books include a fun story along with a CD that includes original songs, karaoke, music lessons and an audio version of the story narrated by Carrie and David.  They also include a craft idea so children can make their own musical instruments using household bits and bobs.  They are really interactive books which will get the kids jumping up and joining in, as their theme tune suggests!

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The books bring musical concepts to young children in a fun way.  Elephant's Birthday Bells focuses on loud and soft, while Lion's Speedy Sauce is all about rhythm.  The concepts are tied into the story and the lessons in a way that children will understand and enjoy.

Learning through music is a wonderful way for children to enhance their speech skills, memory, educational, physical, social and emotional development.  It exposes them to the arts and offers them a creative outlet.  It really can enhance a child's learning experience to be involved in the listening and making of music.  Carrie and David clearly encourage this in these easily accessible books and CDs.

I loved how the books tie the theme together so neatly.  In Elephant's Birthday Bells we are introduced to Elephant whose trumpets and stomps are just too loud for the family band.  Mum and Dad want to find something a bit quieter for her to play.  Through the story, children are introduced to the concept of soft and loud.  They then get to practice how to sing or play loudly and softly with the fun music lessons. They can even make their own jingly bells like Elephant had.  Children can learn to sing Elephant's song and even go on to learn how to sing harmonies.  

In Lion's Speedy Sauce, we meet Lion who is too sleepy to keep the beat in his band.  That is until he has a very spicy lunch!  Children learn all about counting and rhythm and progress onto scales.  They can learn how to make their own bongo drums using a saucepan and join in with the songs.

These books are a whole musical activity session and so much more than just a story.

Freddy really enjoys the books and CDs in the car where he can join in and sing along from the comfort of his car seat.  They keep him occupied and entertained on car journeys.  It is also something he can share with his music loving sisters.  He really liked the animal sounds that serve as a prompt to turn the page of the book, which are a really nice touch and show the attention to detail of this series.

At £6.99 each they represent great value for money, giving children a full musical experience that will help them to learn about  and develop a love of music.  The format of the book and CD really captures the imagination and Carrie and David's upbeat and energetic personalities shine through. We are very impressed!


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