Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Allergen Free Eating For Wellbeing

The food that we consume has a big impact on our health and wellbeing.  This is especially so if you suffer from food allergies or intolerances, but even for those of us who don't, some foods can cause bloating or affect our complexions or energy levels. Eating organic food that is additive and preservative free, which does not contain the common allergens nut, dairy and gluten, can help revamp our diets and improve our wellbeing.

Ilumi is a company that has been cooking up organic, nut, gluten and dairy free meals for over a decade.  Their products are 100% safe for those with allergies.  But this doesn't mean they are bland.  They supply a great range of sauces, soups, gravies and meal ideas, conveniently served in microwaveable pouches or trays.  They don't need to be refrigerated as they are pressure cooked in their packs, naturally preserving them.  This makes them ideal for popping into your bag to eat away from home, ensuring that what you eat it is completely safe.  Just microwave and they are ready to enjoy.

We are lucky not to suffer from food allergies in our family, but as vegetarians we are very aware of what we eat.  Ilumi do a range of veggie friendly meals which are very convenient and offer something a bit different and much healthier to the usual ready meal options available in supermarkets. They also make sauces to make cooking from scratch easier.  Vegetable and Chickpea Jalfrezi, Tomato and Red Pepper Soup, Spanish Style Rice and Vegetables and Morrocan Style Vegetable Tagine are a selection of their vegetarian offerings and I was sent some to try.

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Each packet has the ingredients clearly labelled so you know exactly what has gone into the product.  The allergy information is also clearly labelled along with the nutritional values of the dish.  It is a very clear and foolproof labelling system and a model I would love to see adopted by big brands.

The dishes can be heated in a microwave or put into a pan on a hob.  I have been enjoying them at lunchtime.  The Spanish Style Rice and Vegetables comes in at under 300 calories for a quick, easy and healthy lunch.  My serving up technique is a bit lacking and I have to admit it looked a bit unappetising in its plastic tub, but it did taste good! It had a lovely rich smoky flavour from the paprika.  And it is nutritious, made with all good stuff!  It is also very filling and satisfying, so great if you are watching your weight.

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The Sweet Chilli Stiry Fry Sauce worked brilliantly with Quorn giving a sticky, sweet and sour stir fry.  The Tomato and Red Pepper soup was lovely, with a hint of smokiness. And the Vegetable and Chickpea Jalfrezi was nicely spicy and had nice pieces of butternut squash in it. Perfect served with rice.

I am impressed to find a company offering something a bit different to make life easier for those with allergies or for those of us who just want to eat better.

For a quick healthy meal at home or at the office, Ilumi is a great option. Much better than the high salt, high fat ready meals that fill the aisles of supermarkets. And the range is far more imaginative and well made.  For allergy sufferers, Ilumi offers a 100% safe, allergen free alternative that is easy to carry in your bag when not eating at home.


Prices are between £1.00 and £2.75 which is excellent value for what you are getting.  At the moment they have a great offer online where if you spend £20 or more they give you a massive £10 off! Plus it's free delivery.

Find out more and shop online at


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