Monday, 17 June 2013

Changing Rooms - a Budget Bedroom Makeover

My bedroom had become a dark and dreary place.  (I mean this literally and not as a metaphorical reference to the state of my love life!)  The dull, dark brown paintwork, accessories and soft furnishings combined with years of clutter had made, what should have been my sanctuary and oasis, into an energy sapping room.  The matt paint on the walls had become chalky and had hand prints and marks on it adding to the dull and unattractive effect.  The mix and match bed linen was drab and I had no incentive to buy new as sleep time had become something that was merely functional as the bedroom was no longer a place to take pleasure in.

It was definitely time for a change!

Firstly, the paintwork needed to be changed!  Instead of the flat, matt, dark brown, we opted for a Crown Silk Emulsion in Pale Gold.  It was on special offer at just £19.99 for a 5 litre tin, which was £15 off the full price in Homebase!  Bargain!  The colour is quite neutral, but has a subtle golden sheen that adds warmth and just a hint of opulence to the room.


decorating, painting

Ian is brilliant when it comes to DIY.  He gets straight into a job and keeps going until it is completed.  He painted over the hideous brown, which took four coats!  His top tip for painting walls is to buy a cheap roll of masking tape to mask up the edges.  This gives a super straight and neat edge without any effort at all, giving a great finish to the job.  He also doesn't wash the roller and brushes out at the end of the day.  He simply wraps them in clingfilm overnight and they are ready to use straight away again next morning.

The paintwork immediately lightened the room and made it look brighter and much bigger.  We got rid of the trio of drab brown canvases and replaced them with a pretty, shabby chic inspired piece of wall art. (£9.99 from B & M).  I really love the delicate rose design, it is so pretty.


Our ceiling light had a thick, faux velvet covered, dark brown lamp shade.  We replaced it with an open weave lamp shade that cast pretty shadows on the ceiling and diffused the light rather than blocking it out. (£3.99 from B & M)

I was impressed with the bargains on offer at B & M if you are prepared to look.  Definitely worth a visit for some super cheap and really lovely bedroom accessories.

lighting, bedroom

We chose the Tuscany Duvet cover and Oxford style pillowcases from the Dunelm Mill duvet range , which are a classy way to turn a tired bed into something much more sophisticated.  The pattern is stylish and appeals to both masculine and feminine tastes. The golden accents of the champagne coloured background have a silky sheen that complements the new paintwork beautifully and the golden applique stitching adds to the overall effect.  It ties together the new golden theme of the room perfectly.

Dunelm mill

The quality of the fabric is excellent and quite opulent!  The duvet cover is thick, heavy and looks much more luxurious than the £24.99 price tag suggests.  The pillowcases are £5.99 each. (Currently this range and other selected bedding  is on sale at 20% off! Another great bargain!)  I have purchased myself a second cover in Gold Grenada with gold applique flowers and sequin detail, so I never have to go back to my old, tired duvet covers!

bedroom makeover

The Dunelm Mill Roman Blinds in golden Biscuit colour are a great alternative to the floor length, heavy, dark brown curtains that have hung at our windows for years.  They are blackout blinds so will keep the light out when needed, but look light and attractive during the day.  Swapping the heavy curtains for the blinds gave the effect of making the room even more spacious, bright and airy. The wallspace around the window opened up making the newly dressed windows a feature of the room. They let the light flood in. They cost just £21.59 each and they are a really easy and great value way to revamp your window dressings.

roman blinds, window dressing

My utilitarian shelf unit had blue, plastic boxes in each of the spaces.  I changed them all for wicker baskets of varying shapes and sizes to create a more natural and attractive look.


It is amazing how quickly we transformed our dingy bedroom into something that looks stylish and so lovely. It was all done on a tight budget and over just a couple of days.


I love the finished room which is brighter, more spacious and so much more inviting!  It goes to show that with just a little effort, you can transform your living space into something much more appealing.  Just a lick of paint can make the room feel like new. Adding a new duvet cover and window dressings can completely change the look, the feel and the ambience of a bedroom. I am delighted that I at last have a bedroom to be proud of!  It's gone from drab to fab!!


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