Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Zimpli Kids Chocolate Picture Maker Review

Freddy was sent a Chocolate Picture Maker from Zimpli Kids to try out over Easter and he had lots of fun making personalised chocolate bars!

The kids include a chocolate bar mould, milk, dark and white Belgian chocolate sachets and paper templates. The instructions are clear and it is easy to make delicious bars of chocolate featuring an impressive picture on the front!

The chocolate melts using warm tap water, making it very safe for children to use - microwaves or boiling water are not required. The chocolate can be piped directly from the bags once the corner is snipped off so it's not very messy to use. The dark choclate outlines the design, the white chocolate fills the image and the milk chocolate covers the design and fills the mould. The bar sets after 20 minutes in the fridge. Once it is turned out, the tripel coloured chocolate design looks really impressive.

chocolate, chocolate craft

The templates come in easy, medium and hard designs or you can create your own design using a name, message or a picture of your choice. The bars make an excellent, personalised gift idea.

Here is a video of Freddy, with a bit of help from his big sister Ella, making an Easter Bunny chocolate bar!


The Chocolate Picture Maker is a simple but effective way to make some lovely personalised bars of chocolate. The chocolate is of an excellent quality, which I thought was a real plus! The mould and templates are reusable.

Zimpli Kids

Follow @ZimpliKids and @ChocBarMaker on Twitter for offers and competitions and check out the website for further details. Sets start at £3.99 RRP for a one bar pack.


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