Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Keep an Eye on Your Home with the Y-Cam Home Monitor Range

After making sure our loved ones are safe, keeping our homes and possessions secure and protected is next on the list of priorities. Home security is a very important issue, to keep the things that we have worked hard to get as safe as we possibly can. Burglary is one issue that can devastate a family, but thankfully there are lots of simple precautions that we can take to deter burglars such as:

Closing and locking all doors and windows, even if you are only going out for a few minutes.
Making sure the side/back gate/shed and garage are all locked.
Making sure that any valuables are not left in plain sight.
Putting keys out of reach of letterboxes.
In the evening, shut the curtains and leave some lights on.
Never leave car documents or ID in obvious places such as kitchens or hallways.

Homes without any security are said to be 5 times more likely to be burgled, so investing in a home security system is a worthwhile thing to consider.

I have been sent a Y-Cam Indoor WiFi Home Monitor Camera to test out, which I am very excited about. The Y-cam’s HomeMonitor HDS camera range is packed full of exciting features to make it simple to keep an eye on your home 24/7. For a one off price, you can enjoy peace of mind as the Y-Cam records motion detected footage of your home that is secured with rolling 7 day video storage in the HomeMonitor Cloud. You can view your recorded videos and also stream live from anywhere at any time, using the free app (IOS 7.0 and above, Android 4.0 and above). The Y-Cam is the only cloud based security camera that doesn’t charge a monthly or annual fee for using the secure cloud service, which is a real bonus.

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The Y-Cam can be used by families in a range of different ways including keeping an eye on your home when you are away, deterring and detecting burglars, watching elderly relatives who might be at home alone during the day or keeping an eye on the kids or pets in another room.

It offers reassurance and allows us 24/7 access to the footage, allowing us to check up on what is happening in our home at any time.

Features of the HomeMonitor include:

  • Colour HD camera with high quality 1 Meg lens
  • Widescreen viewing angle of 100 degrees
  • Infrared Night Vision for viewing in the dark at up to 15m
  • High Quality microphone for crisp audio reproduction

Y-Cam Indoor WiFi Home Monitor Camera

The Y-Cam Home Monitor camera is neat, sleek and stylish and fits unobtrusively with any decor. It is stand or wall mountable and easy to position in any area where you need it. (You just need a plug socket near by to power it.) You can have it mounted to keep an eye on the front door for security, or maybe set it up in the nursery to keep an eye on the children. The box contains everything you need to set up including camera, power cable, stand, fixings, ethernet cable and Quick Start Guide.

Y-Cam Indoor WiFi Home Monitor Camera

Set up is easy and user friendly straight from the box, ready to view online in minutes. You don't have to have any advanced technical knowledge, simply connect the Y-cam to your router, activate your account online, then you are ready to go. Instructions are simple to follow and you are given a step by step start up guide online. It is a very user friendly process.

Y-Cam Indoor WiFi Home Monitor Camera

As the device records to the cloud, it doesn't matter if, in the unfortunate event of a burglary,  that the camera is vandalised or stolen, you will still have access to the footage online to show to police.

Y-cam can instantly alert you on your smartphone or by email when motion has been detected in your home, allowing you to check footage and see if there is a problem. You can set up trip zones that will alert you if motion is detected, or you can switch off the alerts and access the live feed online. Sensitivity can be adjusted to make sure the motion detector isn't triggered unnecessarily. We tested the motion alerts and found the service to be excellent. I received an email and was able to access all the recorded clips on my Y-Cam dashboard. From here you can delete clips, record and watch live stream, view your videos and alter your settings.

Y-Cam Indoor WiFi Home Monitor Camera

Multiple cameras can be used under one account, to protect several locations, making it a complete and comprehensive video security system for the home. The night vision function provides security through the night, giving reassurance 24/7. 

Thankfully, in testing the Y-Cam, we haven't experienced anything horrible happen to our house. However, it is such a reassuring feeling knowing that we can check up on our house at any time when we are away from home. The peace of mind, seeing that everything is as it should be is, in my opinion, well worth the initial investment. With no ongoing fees it is more affordable than other systems and the rolling 7 day free access to footage is plenty enough for our needs.

Y-Cam Indoor WiFi Home Monitor Camera

I love the simplicity of the system and how user friendly the functionality is. The user interface of the web portal is excellent and easy to use and understand. You can set it up to suit your needs: turning off motion alerts when someone is at home or having 24 hr alerts set up for the week if you are away on holiday. Receiving alerts allows you to check in quickly and easily to access footage remotely and you could alert the police if you witness anything untoward occurring in your home.

The Y-Cam HomeMonitor HDS range is available from £149.99. They offer indoor and outdoor cameras as well as home security starter, advanced and complete home security kits.

For more information about Y-cam HomeMonitor Plus package visit or set up an account at


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