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An Effective Storage Solution for Small Gardens with Garden Buildings Direct

Storing garden furniture, garden tools, outdoor toys or kids’ bikes can sometimes be an issue. It is for my family with all Freddy's garden toys! If, like me, you require extra outdoor storage space to store your garden items, but are short of room, then a metal shed could be the perfect solution. Using thinner panels, a metal shed is smaller than a wooden alternative, but still has a large inner capacity, so you can store everything you need easily and effectively. Sliding doors allow you to fully utilise the entire entry space of the shed.

We were delighted to receive a 6' x 4' BillyOh Ashington Green Metal Shed to build and try out from The whole shed comes delivered in a single box ready for home assembly.  The box includes all the pieces, which are clearly labelled, an instruction book and all the screws, nuts, bolts, washers etc that are required. The floor of the shed is not included in the pack, but a piece of 6 x 4 plywood will do the trick. For a better finish, you can order a premium tongue and groove base or a steel foundation kit. 

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

All you need for assembly is a good screwdriver, a spanner, a pair of protective gloves for handling the metal work and someone to give you a hand on the tricky bits!

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

My husband Ian is the handy one in our household and he took on the role of chief shed builder with me on hand to pass him the correct pieces and help secure them in place during construction. The instructions are fully illustrated and having all the pieces labelled (either stamped or stickered) with a part code avoids any mistakes when putting the shed together. 

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

Working together, we completed the build in just over two and a half hours. There were some tricky bits, but overall it was pretty straightforward for Ian to do. The doors were the hardest part to put together and hang and resulted in some bleeding fingers! My assistance in building the shed was minimal, but Ian assured me it was helpful to have an extra pair of hands to put nuts onto bolts, hold up panels and help align screw holes. So I felt useful in our 'barn raising' experience!

garden buildings direct

The panels and metalwork come pre-drilled and the holes lined up for screwing together without any problem. The screws, nuts and bolts are all good quality and did the job well making a sturdy framework.

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

The edges of the panels are quite sharp, which is why gloves are essential, but once the edging is put on, no sharp edges are exposed, and all screw tips are capped off with plastic caps for safety.

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

Another great feature of this shed is the dual vents located above the doors. They screw into the pre-cut holes in the panels easily. Preventing condensation, the vents make sure that your belongings stored inside don’t get damp and mouldy. Great news for garden furniture!

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

This strong metal garden shed is made from galvanised steel, coated in a layer of zinc, adding to the strength and weather proofing. This galvanisation increases the strength and stability of the structure, ensuring that it will stand the test of time. Corrugated panels channel the wind that hits the shed adding to its ability to withstand bad weather. The shed comes with a 15 year ‘no rust perforation’ warranty for peace of mind. A powder coating makes the shed long-lasting and completely maintenance free - no need to treat or varnish it, as you would with a wooden shed.

Garden Buildings Direct

The finished green metal shed looks smart and is deceptively spacious. It doesn't take up too much of our garden space and provides a useful storage solution. It keeps the garden clutter free and keeps everything safe and secure inside. It is perfect for our needs.

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

The finished shed stands 5' 10" or 1.77m tall at its tallest, so we have to duck to get in! However, it's the perfect height for the kids to pop in and out to fetch their outdoor toys. The build looks good with its peaked roof, contrasting edging and sliding doors. 

Our shed has been standing for just over a week and has survived some very unseasonal bad weather with no ill effects. Hurricane Jake and the March snow has not caused any problems to our new shed, which is very reassuring.

Priced from £169, the BillyOh Ashington metal sheds give great value simple storage solutions for garden accessories and a space saving alternative to traditional wooden sheds.

BillyOh Ashington 6x4 Metal Shed

Check out the entire range of sheds, workshops, playhouses, log cabins and summer houses along with accessories and great product ideas for outdoor living at They offer free delivery to select postcodes, a 48 hour delivery service is available and there is a 14 day no fuss return policy. So you can order with confidence. Deliveries are trackable and I received good email correspondence and a courtesy phonecall to keep me updated on the delivery. Great customer service!

They also have their own blog packed with useful articles on gardens and outdoor living at There is a great Kids' Corner with ideas for personalising playhouses, gardening with children and activities to do in the garden. You can also follow them on Twitter @GardenBuildings and at Garden Buildings Direct on Facebook.


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