Friday, 4 March 2016

Spring Planting with Lechuza

Springtime is coming (at least we hope it is given the recent wintry weather!) and I'm looking forward to seeing lots of colourful blooms to brighten up my days. To celebrate the changing season, Lechuza have sent me two of their self-irrigating planters. The Mini Deltini Table Planter, which features a really cute owl design (Lechuza is actually Spanish for owl!) and the Cube Colour 14 in Lime Green.


The owl designed Mini Deltini table planter has the inner lining, irrigation system, water level indicator and substrate, and is ready for planting up. I thought my mum would love this cute, little pot and that it was the perfect Mother's Day gift for her. So I bought a small blue hyacinth to plant in it to complete her present.

owl, planter

The illustrated instructions are clear and the water level indicator is easy to assemble. The sub-irrigation system draws water from the base of the planter up into the liner, keeping the optimum supply of water for the plant's needs. This 'self-watering' system is plant controlled making growing beautiful indoor plants relatively foolproof!

self watering planter

The plant is put directly into the special substrate and the end result looks lovely. The inner liner makes the job cleaner and easier. Once watered, the water level indicator goes to maximum and the plant is then relatively self-sufficient. The reservoir needs refilling once the indicator drops down.

owl, plant pot, hyacinth

The high gloss finish gives a ceramic look to the recyclable, lightweight plastic planter. It is a lovely gift idea for any occasion and also a great way to get kids interested in plants. It would look lovely in a children's bedroom and because of the self-watering system, the plant won't dry out.

The Mini Deltini Table Planter comes in a range of colours to suit any decor and is suitable for planting small plants.

plant, indoor pot plant

The Cube Colour 14 All in One Planter is perfect for windowsills. It comes complete with its own liner,  wick irrigation system and water level indicator. It's unique design and watering system allows you to place a ready planted round grow pot directly into the liner, no repotting required,  making it ideal for shop bought herb plants in pots with a 10 -12cm diameter.

The wick irrigation system pushes into the base of the grow pot and draws water up into the plant from the planter reservoir. This results in the plant flourishing, receiving the exact amount of water it needs to grow.

growing herbs

The Cube Planter is such a quick and practical way to have an indoor herb garden on your kitchen windowsill. The low maintenance care means it is easy to grow herb plants for culinary use. The live plants bought in supermarkets have their life extended making this a great value way to enjoy fresh ingredients for longer. I love this idea and as soon as I get to a big supermarket that sells potted herbs, I intend to start my own indoor cottage kitchen! In the meantime I've popped in a pot of flowering plants using the wick irrigation system. It is so simple but so clever.

I love the lime green colour and woven textured effect finish, which matches my kitchen perfectly, but it comes in a range of other colours to suit all decors. At £9.99 it is a great value planter that will allow you to have beautiful fresh garden herbs straight from the plant with minimum effort (or it will sport an attractive indoor flowering pot plant!)

growing indoor herbs

You can find the Mini Deltini and Cube planters along with the rest of the Lechuza range of self-watering planters at the Lechuza website at


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