Thursday, 17 March 2016

Why Mums and Netflix are the Perfect Mix!

March has brought us Mother's Day and International Women's Day so Netflix have challenged us kids from Inside the Wendy House to write a guest post to honour our Mum and give her a day off from blogging. This #lilStreamTeam post is brought to you by us - Ella 19, Kezia 13 and Freddy 6 and is all about why we think our mum is as good as Netflix. 

Why is Mum like Netflix? - by Ella

  • Like Netflix, Mum is available for us 24/7. Anytime day or night.
  • Mum is entertaining...she makes us laugh, we have a lot of fun and makes our life action packed.
  • Like a Netflix Night In, she gets all of us together for quality family time.
  • Like a Netflix documentary, Mum is a mine of information and knows a lot of random stuff about all sorts of weird and wonderful things.
  • Like binge watching a Netflix series, we can spend hours with Mum and not get bored.
  • Mum fills our needs - whether we feel sad, are in a crazy mood or need a good laugh - she can give us what we need to cheer us up or calm us down.
  • Streaming on Netflix reminds me of Mum because both are efficient, flexible and get the job done!
  • Mum is an original - just like a Netflix Original Series.
  • In our home, everybody loves Netflix and everybody loves Mum.

making a murderer, netflix
As many fascinating facts as a Netflix Documentary

Which Netflix Character is Mum like? - by Kezia and Freddy

Regina Mills 

Once Upon A Time is a favourite Netflix TV show for us to watch together and Mum reminds me a lot of Regina Mills. I'm not saying she is an Evil Queen or anything, but like Regina she would do anything for her family. She'll do whatever it takes to keep us all safe and looked after. She will unleash her inner evil queen if she has to. She is a real hero. (And like Regina she also fancies Robin Hood!)

I wish my Mum had Regina's magic. Imagine what could be done with that purple, swirling power. She could conjure up 5 Seconds of Summer in our living room for a private concert. But instead of dark magic, Mum has the power of love and can help us to achieve things, look after us, keep us fed, share our problems and dreams and talk to us about anything. She's got our backs and she doesn't need a magic wand to make us feel loved and protected. Like Regina, mum wants us all to have a Happily Ever After and will do everything in her power for us to get that.

OUAT, Netflix
If Mum was Regina Mills from OUAT.

Mummy Pig

One of Freddy's favourite shows on Netflix is Peppa Pig, where Mummy Pig is the hardworking mother of the family. He picked Mummy Pig as the character most like our mum. She has to deal with Daddy Pig and her two little ones, keeping everyone in line. She sorts out family problems, helps friends and neighbours and spends time with Grandma and Grandpa Pig. Mummy Pig also likes cake and computers. This is why we think our Mum is a lot like Peppa's mummy!

Freddy says "My mummy and Peppa Pig's Mummy are both nice and kind!" How sweet :)

Peppa Pig, Netflix
Mummy is a lot like Mummy Pig

Mums deserve to have nice things and letting her pick what to watch on Netflix, snuggled under her fleecy Netflix blanket for a well deserved rest is a good way to show her you care. Even if that means binge watching How to Get Away With Murder, having a documentary marathon or watching some film she used to love in the 80s (when all you want to do is watch Pretty Little Liars - who is A?!?!)

Well mum, I hope you like this post as much as we enjoyed creating it. We love you millions!!  Thank you for being so awesome!!!

Ella, Kezia & Freddy



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