Friday, 4 March 2016

Home Baking with Aldi Specialbuys

With Easter just around the corner, Aldi’s Family Home Baking range has everything bakers need to cook up a whole host of treats for the family, from a retro designed Classic Food Mixer (£34.99) in cream, red or duck egg blue, to fun baking sets designed for little budding bakers including cookie cutters, mixing bowl and icing set (£12.99).

Aldi sent me some items from their home baking range, which will be in stores from March 6th, and they are really fantastic.


An accurate set of scales is an important kitchen tool when it comes to home baking. Aldi have Digital Kitchen Scales (£6.99) in flat, bowl or jug styles and are available in a range of colours. I received the jug scale, which has a 1 litre capacity, for measuring both liquids and solids. It has an LCD reading and is perfect for weighing flour, oil, water or milk with ease.

homebaking, Aldi

The Crofton 5 pack of Premium Pantry Containers (£14.99) is the perfect set for sorting out cupboards. The see through, square and rectangular jars make it easy to organise rice, pasta, cereals or nuts. The lids are lockable for an airtight seal to keep food fresher for longer. They are practical, stackable and make it easy to see exactly what is in your cupboard at a glance.


These ceramic Measuring Cups and Spoons (£7.99) are as cute as they are functional. They make measuring ingredients easy and also look great on display. They come in the following sizes: 1/4 cup / 60ml, 1/3 cup / 80ml, 1/2 cup / 125ml, 1 cup / 250ml, 1/4 TSP / 1.25ml, 1/2 TBSP / 2.5ml, 1 TSP / 5ml and 1 TBSP / 15ml. They are a great original gift idea for mums if you are looking for a very last minute Mother's Day gift!


For home made Easter goodies, Aldi have some excellently priced chocolate moulds. Made from quality silicone, you simply pour in melted chocolate and once it's set, you'll have some cool 3D egg lollies or 3D bunny or egg models.

Aldi, Easter

I was particularly impressed with the lolly mould set, which consists of two 5 x lolly moulds and ten plastic lolly sticks (£2.99). Great fun for making with the kids this Easter.


I love the bamboo handled silicone spoons (£2.19), which come in a variety of colours and a floral design. They have a real country kitchen vibe and are lovely to use. The corner spoon is designed to get into the edges of cookware making it great for scraping out batter. They are a large size, sturdy and perfect for homebaking.


When it comes to kitchen linens, Aldi always has great quality products at really excellent prices. The 3 pack of tea towels (£2.99) are made of thick, soft, durable 100% cotton. The blue floral design is really attractive.

Aldi’s Family Home Baking range is in store 6th March and available while stocks last. But be quick; with Aldi Specialbuys, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Product List

Classic Food Mixer £34.99
Premium Pantry Containers £14.99
Children's Baking Set £12.99
Ceramic Mixing Bowl Assortment £7.99
Ceramic Novelty Measuring Cups and Spoons Set £7.99
Digital Kitchen Scales £6.99
Cake Container £4.99
Pastry Board £4.99
Double Oven Glove / Apron £2.99
Easter Chocolate Moulds £2.99
Printed Tea Towels, 3 Pack £2.99
Silicone & Bamboo Kitchen Utensils £2.19
Cake Pan Assortment £1.99 

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