Thursday, 31 March 2016

Num Noms - scented, stackable and collectible!

Num Noms are the latest collectible toy to hit the UK market. The colourful, mix and match squishy Nums are cute little characters, based on ice creams or cup cakes, that are stackable and scented. You can get both motorized Noms and Lip Gloss Noms, which are again cute and scented and combine with the Nums to make fragrant treats. The motorized Noms whizz around at the press of a button with a Num on their back adding an element of fun to the toy. The lip gloss Nom contains a scented balm, which is nice to use. Cone, spoon and cup accessories are also available, allowing you to stack your Nums and Noms in a combination of fun, flavoursome creations. The fusions of fruity, chocolatey and sweet flavours, allow you to make your own perfect recipe.

Freddy was sent some to try out and he had some fun making this video showing him unboxing and playing with an assortment of Nums and Noms!

You can get blind mystery packs, which contain a Num, a lip gloss Nom and a collector's menu. Deluxe party packs and play sets are also available containing a variety of Nums, Noms and accessories. There are over 60 flavours meaning you can create over a thousand flavour combinations. Recipe cards give ideas on how to combine the scents to create new flavours, such as combining Lemony Cream and Orange Sherbet Nums with a Razzberry Go Go motorized Nom to make Rainbow Sherbert. Some of the Num Noms are special editions, adding to the collectibility of the range.

Num Noms, collectible toys

You can find out more about Num Noms on the website and look out for Series 1 Num Noms in Tesco stores now. Prices start at £2.99. Num Noms are suitable for children aged 5 and up.

Num Noms

Pick a Num, add a Nom, add a cup or cone and create your own wacky flavour combos!


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