Friday, 31 October 2014

Spooky Sandwich Ideas for Halloween

This Halloween, I've been making some fun spooky sandwiches using Warburtons bread.  From a Wholemeal Jack O'Lantern to a Thins Monster to a Bread Roll Ghoul, adding a bit of scary flair will make teatime extra fun for little ones.


The Sandwich Thins Monster is filled with cheese spread and decorated with cheese slice fangs and a red pepper tongue.  Raisins pressed into two cut out circles make his eyeballs. 

Warburtons, Halloween

The Jack O' Lantern has cut out eyes and nose with the cheese filling showing through.  

Warburtons, halloween

Using Halloween shaped cookie cutters, I made some simple, little Marmite bats and cheese spread ghosts, but my favourite sandwich that I made is the Bread Roll Ghoul filled with jam, and with grape eyes and sliced almond teeth.  A spot of chocolate sauce made his eyeballs.  A sweet treat to enjoy at Halloween!

Warburtons, halloween

As they are all made using Wholemeal or Half and Half bread, they are a healthier, higher fibre option for children to enjoy.  Even fussy kids will enjoy eating something that captures their imagination.

It's fun to get creative with food at Halloween and kids love helping out with the making as well as the eating.  With some cutters or a knife and a bit of imagination you can turn the humble sandwich into something with a Halloween theme.  They will look great as a part of a Halloween spread or will make a tasty teatime treat for your little monsters.


However you celebrate Halloween, I hope you have some real spooky fun for your family this year!


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