Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Family film night and why mums need more than one pair of hands!

Family film night is always a lot of fun here Inside the Wendy House.  We snuggle up on the sofa, grab some popcorn and immerse ourselves in 55" of TV pleasure.  This Extraordinary Portrait by George Fairbairn is a fun representation of our film nights, which is very much a part of what defines us as a family. In this image we are pretending to watch a horror film (although obviously 5 year old Freddy does NOT watch horror films in real life) and we are reacting in typical fashion from Ian's abject fear to  Ella's super brave smirk.  It was lots of fun and we got to totally overact, reliving the moment when we watched The Conjuring for the first time!  I told Fred to pretend he was watching Scooby Doo, for an age appropriate scare.

extraordinary portraits by George Fairbairn
Family Film Night - Extraordinary Portraits by George Fairbairn

This next image depicts me at the centre of the family, interacting with Ian and the three youngest kids while blogging all about it on my trusty laptop!  Each family member's personality is allowed to shine through.  Ian is the ever attentive family man looking after my red wine needs!  Ella is entertaining us with her singing and guitar playing.  Freddy is enjoying a sword fight with me, harnessing his inner ninja.  Kizzy is being her usual fashionista self, doing my nails!  (Incidentally, Kizzy also did my hair and make-up for the shoot.)  I love how the spirit of who we are as a family has been captured in such a cool, unique and funky way, portraying the many hats a mum has to wear within the family dynamic.

Six Arms - Extraordinary Portraits by George Fairbairn
Six Arms - Extraordinary Portraits by George Fairbairn

These pictures are amazing.  I intend to have canvases made to hang on our living room wall.  They will make some great pieces of artwork that we will treasure forever!

Here you can read all about our bespoke family photography experience with George Fairbairn.

And you can find out more about George and his Extraordinary Potrraits at:


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