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Food Review Round-Up - Veronica's Snacks, Love Pickle and Duerr's Rhubarb and Custard Jam

 Duerr's Rhubarb & Custard Homebaking Jam

If, like me, you have been inspired by the Great British Bake Off, you will no doubt have enjoyed cooking up a storm in the kitchen these past few weeks.  Duerr's have created a range of bake-stable jams especially for homebaking, designed specifically for domestic ovens, so you can knock up tarts and buns that Mary Berry would be proud of!

The Rhubarb and Custard Jam is inspired by old fashioned sweet shops.  The jam is nice and thick with a lovely flavour of sweetened rhubarb and a hint of vanilla.  It is easy to use and it retains its consistency even after heating, ensuring a moist, jammy filling for sponge puddings and roly-polies.

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I used the Duerr's Rhubarb & Custard Homebaking jam to make some mini jam tarts and some Surprise Centre Muffins.  I was very impressed that the jam did not bubble out and burn and it stayed perfectly jammy straight from the oven, giving a professional finish to my bakes.  The kids loved it as it was deliciously fruity and not at all sharp like rhubarb can be!  It's a great product, which I really enjoyed cooking with giving excellent results.

Rhubarb and Custard home baking jam is available exclusively online priced £2.99 at 

Love Pickle Super Hot

If you like to add a bit of spice to your meals then Love Pickle is the perfect condiment for you. Lovingly made using tomato, chilli and spices, it is an authentic, premium Indian pickle that will add a kick of heat to your meals.  We received a Super Hot jar of Love Pickle, something that is definitely not for the fainthearted!  Thankfully, I have Ian, who is my chilli loving husband, to test it out. He is already a fan of the brand, so was happy to indulge his spicy side!

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The Super Hot Love Pickle has an extra pungent kick of chilli heat, but still retains its unique flavour. The taste of the pickle is not compromised by the extra spiciness, giving a pleasant, if not intense, taste sensation.  It works well with poppadoms as part of an Indian meal, but is an equally good partner to some cheese with crusty bread.  It brings its own fiery flavour to whatever you couple it with.  

It is priced at £2.95 a jar and is available to buy online at .  A good pickle to add a bit of heat to your Christmas hamper this year, perhaps!

Veronica's Snacks

Veronica's Snacks have a range of baked-not-fried crinkle cut crisps, made with 100% all natural ingredients and which are gluten free.  With 60% less fat than regular crisps they are a healthier, savoury snacking solution.  I received a sharing bag of Barbecue flavour potato crisps to try out, along with a multi-pack of their new kid friendly, dinosaur shaped Crunchy Creatures. These are again baked resulting in 40% less fat than other corn snacks, and contain all natural ingredients with no added nasties and are gluten free.  Perfect for kids to enjoy as a treat, they have a lovely cheesy flavour and a delicious crunch.

snacks, healthier crisps

It is nice to see crisps given a healthier make-over so we can enjoy a snack without worrying about the additives, the gluten or fat content.  Kids can enjoy them as a part of a healthy lunch box or as a treat, putting crisps back on the menu!

The Barbecue Crinkle Cut Crisps are made from reformed potato flakes rather than potato slices and are very uniformly shaped.  The texture is really crunchy and the flavour nicely intense.  Freddy said they tasted like bonfires, so they got that barbecue taste spot on. They are so moreish, that we polishe doff the sharing bag between the four of us very quickly!

Freddy adored the 3D dinosaur shaped cheesy, crunchy corn snacks and I was happy to give him something that was organic and healthier than other regular crisps on the market. They are a really fun snack and would be great in a dinosaur themed lunchbox.

Veronica's, snacks, crisps

The Barbecue Crinkle Cut Potato Crisps are £2.29 for the 120g sharing pack.  Veronica's Snacks are also available as Sour Cream, Herb and Onion Potato Crisps and as Veggie Crisps flavoured with Roast Tomato and Spanish Paprika.  The 23 g single packs are 79p each.  The Crunchy Creatures are £1.99 for a 5 x 15 g multi-pack or 89p for a 30 g single pack.  You can find them in Tesco stores.

Find out more at


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