Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Some Halloween Fun from Love Brands

We received a great Halloween Hamper from Love Brands full of lots of goodies for us to have some seasonal fun!  With products such as Nestle Milky Bar, Smarties, Yorkie, Hartley's Jelly, Shredded Wheat and Lyon's Golden Syrup, there was plenty of scope for getting creative.

Halloween hamper

The Smarties tubes are great for arts and crafts.  Freddy made a scary spider using green pipe cleaners wrapped around the tube to make a furry body and legs.  Googly eyes completed the amazing arachnid!

smarties tube

Smarties tube

After doing some crafts we headed to the kitchen so Freddy could make his favourite chocolate crackle cakes.  He decided to add some extras such as chopped marshmallows, Jelly Tots, chopped Milky Bar and sprinkles to the melted chocolate, syrup and crushed Shredded Wheat mixture to make Witch's Cauldon Cakes!

chocolate crackle cakes

Apart from heating the chocolate and golden syrup in a pan, Freddy was able to do everything himself.  He loved crushing the Shredded Wheat with his hands and stirring through the melted chocolate.  He added sweeties to the mix and topped each individual portion with some sweets and sprinkles.  You can add marshmallows, dried fruits, nuts or any jelly sweets to the mix.

Halloween cooking

This is a great no-cook kitchen activity for even the youngest child to participate in.  They love getting messy and can experiment with the ingredients.  We use cooking a an opportunity to brush up on maths skills; weighing, measuring and counting.

The Witch's Cauldron Cakes are left to set and then can be enjoyed as a Halloween treat!

Halloween cooking

A great tip to make a scary jelly treat is to oil the inside of a clean rubber glove and use it as a mould. Pour in the liquid jelly, tie a knot in the glove and leave to set. Cut away the rubber glove. The resulting jelly hand is a truly terrifying and tasty centrepiece to add to any Halloween party table!

Whatever you make this year, have some fun crafting and cooking!


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