Friday, 3 October 2014

My Songs for Children on Spotify

USM Junior Launches First UK Based Music Discovery App ‘My Songs’ on Spotify

My kids love music.  Freddy is at his happiest listening to songs and busting street dance moves to the latest tunes.  Kizzy is discovering the music that will soon become the soundtrack to her teens, finding bands she loves and song lyrics that speak to her.  Music is such a massive part of our lives and introducing children to an eclectic mix of artists and songs at a young age is a wonderful introduction to this world.

There is a great new free app on Spotify "My Songs", which allows children to discover the very best music online.  The App is safe, kid friendly and easy to navigate, taking kids on a colourful journey through various genres of music.  You can share, save and play songs through the app, which can be found on the App Finder on Spotify.  It works with both the free and premium versions.


You can make playlists for parties or make a spooky compilation for Halloween.  There are even lullabies for the very youngest music lovers to enjoy.  With TV theme tunes, contemporary pop songs, learning songs, classical music, movie songs and fun party hits to choose from, children will be kept entertained as they explore the world of music in a safe and secure way.

This is a really exciting tool for cool kids to explore music safely and discover favourite songs.  Kizzy quickly found the theme tune to her favourite cartoon show that she watched when she was little, Mona the Vampire!  She was delighted.  But the High School Hits collection, with hits from Glee, HSM, iCarly and Big Time Rush was her favourite find.  

There are so many songs to pick from, each collected together in compilation albums.  The "My Favorite Learning Album" is a great educational resource for little ones, featuring tunes to help them learn their times tables, the alphabet and numbers.  Learning multiplication facts to well known nursery rhyme tunes might be a good way to teach 5 year old Freddy his times tables as he loves singing.  Definitely worth a try!


This really is a great little app that is well worth having a play with if you have kids that love music.  I've discovered some great songs for Halloween and some pretty jazzy show tunes from musicals such as Hairspray, Grease and Mama Mia for me to share with the kids.  It's a lot of fun to sing and dance together!  It's a perfect place to make a kid friendly playlist for any occasion and is something that we'll definitely enjoy using again and again.  


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