Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Spooky Fruit Creations with Aldi - Making Ghoulish Apple Teeth

This Halloween why not make some scary ghoulish teeth...a horrifyingly healthy snack for your little ones to munch on.

Halloween activities

Simply take a red apple and cut into eighths.  This will make four pairs of teeth.  Using flaked almonds or whole almonds cut into slithers, make teeth to press into the apple gums!  Freddy was able to push the nuts into the apple with a little help to create some scary looking, jagged false teeth!

You can experiment with the shape and size of the teeth, making pointy vampire teeth or scary fangs.

Halloween food, Halloween activities for kids

Freddy and I had some fun trying out our new gnashers.  They are quite simple to make with a little adult help. He thought they were fab, and enjoyed eating them afterwards as fruit and nuts are some of his favourite foods.  

The teeth look great and will make a great addition to a Halloween party table. They make a nice, healthier alternative to the usual candy based Halloween treats

We added some Halloween embellishments to one of our Ghoulish Teeth selfies, just to add a spooky effect to the end result.  Me and my 'ghoul' really had a lot of pre-Halloween fun with this activity!


You can buy the ingredients to make the Ghoulish Apple Teeth  from Aldi:  Pink Lady apples are £1.99 for an 8 pack and Whole Almonds are £1.29 for a 185g bag.


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