Monday, 27 October 2014

My Favourite Halloween Things - including Wingflatables from Asda!

The half term holidays have begun and we are looking forward to an action packed week, culminating in some Halloween family fun!  To get us in the mood for some spooky fun and games, I've been checking out what is on offer in the shops this year.

Asda are selling one of my favourite items this Halloween and they are wingtastic!  Asda's exclusive Wingflatables are unique, novel and something completely different this year.


The self-inflatable Halloween bat wings look really impressive.  They are battery operated and quick and easy to inflate with the flick of a switch on the power pack which can clip to a pocket or waistband.  The wings are lightweight and easy to wear and make a fancy dress costume come alive!

wingflatable, halloween

Freddy thought they were "cool" and "the best thing ever".  They looked brilliant on him and he could use them independently, popping them up and down for maximum effect!  He loved them because they stay up and hold their shape, unlike the usual floppy wings on the market. The silver spider webbed pattern on the inside of the wings looks really good and will go with a whole host of outfits for both boys and girls.  The fan makes a bit of a noise as they inflate, but it won't be too noticeable at a Halloween party, disco or while out trick and treating.

The Wingflatable Bat Wings are available at Asda in store or online for £8.00.  They are definitely a great buy.  The adult ones are £10.00 and there are various styles and colours available.

Check out for further details.

Poundland is always a great place to pick up bargains with everything from tableware to decorations to fancy dress accessories, all at just £1 each.  Trick or Treaters will be kept happy with Poundland's range of top brand Halloween sweets from Maom, Haribo and Swizzels.  They even have DVDs and books to keep your little monsters entertained all day long.


Poundland is a great one stop shop making it easy to budget for your Halloween celebrations.  You can make an awesome looking party table centrepiece complete with a cauldron full of sweeties, spider's webs, spooky lights, Halloween tinsel and creepy lace table cloth all for less than a tenner. The kids will love it (and your purse will too!)

Halloween, Poundland

Check out what's on offer at and get some inspiration for seasonal ideas!

Freddy is absolutely loving this Halloween Activity Book from Buster Books.  It is packed with puzzles, activities and other creepy things to do this Halloween.  There are blood, guts, gore, brains and severed limbs aplenty throughout the fully illustrated book that little monsters will adore.  The creepy creatures featured are more cute than scary and Freddy loves them all, but especially the zombies.  Anything that gets him interested in books or reading gets a big thumbs up from me.

At £5.99 it is great value and will provide hours of top quality Halloween fun this half term.

Face painting is an activity that 12 year old Kizzy is really getting into...and she is very good at it.  So I bought a pack of Snazaroo facepaints from Wilkos for £10, to unleash her creative side.  This is one of her creepy Halloween creations, a scary doll!

Halloween doll

Scary dolls are something that freak me out a bit since watching The Conjuring and its spin off film Annabelle!  I love a good horror film and thoroughly enjoyed both of these movies.  Ian and I did a day time date while the kids were at school to watch Annabelle at the cinema.  There was just us and an old couple who sat there without removing their coats and with packets of boiled sweets on their laps at the 10.30am showing.  It was a bit surreal!

We did enjoy Annabelle although it wasn't as scary as its predecessor The Conjuring (which remains the scariest horror film I've ever seen!)  The scary doll thing is really making a resurgence.  I am looking over my shoulder whenever I go in the kids' rooms, just in case any of their toys get any funny ideas this Halloween!

horror films


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