Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sleep Tight with a GoGlow Night Bright Light

With the nights getting longer and darker, little ones might need a little extra help at bedtime to feel safe and confident about getting to sleep.  A survey of 1000 parents revealed that 67% of under fives named monsters in the darkness as their biggest nighttime fear.  Little imaginations can run wild wondering about what lies lurking in the dark, especially with Halloween coming up.  Many parents admit to having to do a sweep of their child's room to assure their child that it is monster free, and three quarters of children will get out of bed to seek reassurance from mummy and daddy during the night.

A simple and reassuring solution for stopping spooky shadows and banishing scary monsters is a night light.  A comforting glow helps children feel safe and sound and keeps those imaginary monsters at bay.

GoGlow Night Bright Light

The Worlds Apart GoGlow 2 in 1 Rechargeable Night Light and Torch is a brilliant idea for empowering children to feel secure in the dark.  It comes in one of two designs featuring kids' TV favourites Peppa Pig or Thomas the Tank Engine. When picked up, it makes a cool easy-grip torch, perfect for night time toilet trips or for a reassuring peek under the bed.  When set down on a surface it becomes a gently glowing nightlight with up to 16 hours glow time once charged.

GoGlow Night Bright Light

Freddy received one to try out.  He opted for a Peppa Pig design and was pleased to see both George and Peppa on the night light so it wasn't too 'girlie'.  He loved that he could pick it up when he needed a torch and it was right there by his bedside.  The night light function is nice and soft making his room bathed in its gentle glow.

GoGlow Night Bright Light

I love that the night light is rechargeable using a base that plugs into the mains, so there is no need for batteries.  It is a really nice design and the functionality is great.   It is easy to turn on and off by pressing the top of the nightlight, so there are no fiddly switches to contend with.

GoGlow Night Bright Light

The torch is nice and chunky, and easy for little hands to grasp.  They simply have to pick it up and it switches from night light to torch light automatically.

GoGlow Night Bright Light

It has given Freddy some extra night time confidence and he loves having the night light on while he drops off to sleep. He thinks the torch is a lot of fun and anything that makes him feel safer and more in control in the dark is a hit with me!

You can find the GoGlow Night Bright Light on the Worlds Apart website and can buy it from Argos and Amazon for £19.99.


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