Tuesday, 17 June 2014

New TV Player from TalkTalk

TalkTalk’s YouView customers are about to get more movies and on demand entertainment with their all-new TV player.  It is set to bring even more of the latest movies, hit shows and better functionality to homes with YouView TV.  Viewers can control the budget and only watch what they want to watch, with clear pricing.

From the TalkTalk TV Player you can access on-demand movies and entertainment from TalkTalk Box Office. It now includes more of the latest blockbusters to rent from £4.00 for 48hrs from the comfort of your sofa. New movies are added every week and latest hits currently available include Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Wolf of Wall Street. So, there is always something you can watch on demand and enjoy a night in with a good movie.

TalkTalk has also made it easier to discover all the channels and movies included in their package, with a new ‘Included Channels’ feature. You can browse the entire library of over 500 movies and hundreds of hours of on demand programmes, safe in the knowledge that all prices are clearly marked and no payment will be taken until the TalkTalk pin number is entered.  There is no danger of the kids accidentally ordering something when playing with the remote!  

Other useful new features include:
  • Powerful search: Find a movie by searching by title, actor, director or keyword
  • Watchlist: Save movies and shows to watch at another time
  • More like this: Find similar programmes to your favourite shows
  • Play all: Press the green button to play every episode in a series back to back
  • Most popular: All your favourite TV shows and movies in one place
  • Currently watching: If you leave a programme half way through, the ‘currently watching’ section will return you to the exact point where you left it
These features make the whole experience more user friendly and efficient, and lets you get the most out of your TV time.

TalkTalk have been making lots of improvements to the YouView service, including adding seven new Sky channels to the line up, so YouView customers get to enjoy all the shows on Sky 1 and Sky Living. Plus pre-school favourites Wallace and Gromit and Timmy Time have just been added to the kids' TV line-up. The TalkTalk Player is faster, smarter and makes finding what you want easier.

The service will be available to all one million plus TalkTalk TV homes by 17 June.

To access the new TalkTalk Player, connect the YouView box to the router and leave it 'on' or on ‘standby’. Once connected customers can press the ‘TalkTalk’ button on the remote control to start enjoying the service.

Go to TalkTalk to find out more or to become a new customer.

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