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YUUbag - much more than just a backpack

A low slung, flimsy rucksack is not a great way for a child to carry around their precious things on their backs. It can damage their growing spines as they offer no support.  So the YUUbag was created - a bag that would be healthy for youngster's backs with its ergonomic design features, as well as being practical and fun.

But the YUUbag isn't simply a bag, it's so much more.  It is a work station in a bag, with compartments and pockets for special things.  It is ideal for travelling, sleepovers, holidays or for visiting grandparents, giving children somewhere to draw, write and play games in a contained space that is just their own.  It keeps everything safe and sound, and you can buy extra accessories to add to the YUUbag, such as a lunchbag, drinking bottle and stationery.

back pack

Everyone who owns a YUUbag can join the YUUclub where they can play online games, earn points and win prizes.  Each bag comes with its own unique membership card.

Freddy received a BUUZ YUUbag to try out.  It came in a super cool 'bugs' design in blue with silver reflective discs on it for safety.  It has wide, adjustable padded shoulder straps and a strap that does up across the chest.  The clasp has a clever little whistle incorporated into the design which is fun as well as being an added safety feature. A zip up pocket and a pouch are built into the sides of the bag.  The straps can be adjusted for a perfect fit and the back pack is carried high on the back very comfortably.


Opening up the bag, reveals an exciting array of storage, featuring elasticated pockets, zip up compartments, a suspended pencil case, a key fob and net pockets.  There is also a padded, pop-up storage basket for storing drawing pads, books or even electronic equipment. The fold down desk section is A4 size, perfect for kids to use to write and draw on. It can be reinforced using the thick card insert making it a good surface for working on or playing games. A little zipped compartment keeps bits and bobs such as  games pieces and dice safe.  An internal poppered section adds stability to the bag.  The bag will fit an iPad, tablet or laptop (up to 33cm). The structured sections keep everything inside safe and sound and well organised, keeping the contents from getting too messy or damaged.

backpack, bag, kids bag

A Fun Pack gives kids a magnetic game of Snakes and Ladders, A4 paper pad, colouring pencils, deskcard, YUUclub membership card and a keyring to use with their YUUbag. It gets children started, giving them some things to pop into the compartments! It sells separately for £7.99 but one comes free in the YUUbag.

YUUbag, stationery

The bag is very lightweight, with a deceptively large interior packed with features.  It is sturdy with a moulded foam shell and is comfy to carry.  It can be attached to the headrests in cars to make an entertainment station whilst on long journeys and it is aeroplane cabin friendly too.

Freddy and big sister Kizzy were both very impressed with the YUUbag.  They both enthusiastically explored all the design features. They liked all the little pockets and pouches and found the pull down desk really handy for creating their own space.  It is so roomy, whilst remaining compact enough for kids to carry independently.  They both want to fill it with things and keep it ready for taking out and about on their travels. Freddy loved the magnetic Snakes & Ladders game that came in the Fun Pack.  It's a great way to improve his counting and number skills.

Perfect for writing and drawing

YUUbag, board games
Great for games

My only negative would be that we found the zips slightly difficult to manage, as they are quite tight around the corners on the moulded foam shell edges. This might prove tricky for little fingers as you need to have the two edges of the zip properly aligned in order to do it up easily. At 11, Kizzy managed it fine, but Freddy needed help. Other than that, the YUUbag is a really innovative idea and something that will keep kids happily entertained and well organised when on the go.  The design is really attractive and it is just so very useful!

RRP £43.00 for the YUUbag for ages 7-12.

YUUkid is a slightly smaller bag with an A5 pull down desk space and is suitable for ages 3-6 and is priced at £38.00.

Find out more or buy the bags and accessories  at


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