Tuesday, 3 June 2014

School Uniform Nostalgia

I can hardly believe that come the summer holidays, my little boy Freddy will have one whole year of schooling under his belt. Remembering back to last September, my barely 4 year old son was about to begin his journey into formal education.  He is my youngest child, my baby boy and he seemed so little to be taking such a monumental step.

I secured him a place at a small village primary school, three miles from home in a beautiful rural setting.  The intake for reception was initially just seven children, who would join the twelve Year 1's under the care of their wonderful Mother Hen of a teacher.  Getting him in the perfect school for his personality and his tender years was immensely important to me.  This decision has seen my little boy flourish into the confident, friendly lad he is today.  I couldn't be prouder of him!

With his new found confidence, my timid child has become a roughty-toughty lad who loves to play hard in the playground and enjoys Friday mornings when the children swap the classroom for the woods where they build dens, search for minibeasts and hunt bears. He loves to play with the playground equipment, jumping, climbing and clambering around.  Freddy loves school (although he has said there is one thing he doesn't enjoy...the work!!)

Looking back on his first day of school, Freddy looked so smart in his school uniform.  With his grey trousers, yellow polo shirt and blue sweater, all in age 3-4, he looked the part. Seeing him as a schoolboy for the first time brought tears to my eyes.  Somehow, simply by donning those special clothes he went from being still a toddler in my eyes, to being a proper little boy.

school uniform

At the start of his first term at school, even the aged 3-4 trousers were baggy and dragged on the floor.  Thankfully, Nana is a dab hand with a needle and thread and turned the hem up an inch or two.  The elasticated waist cinched in just small enough to keep his trousers from falling down if the polo shirt was tucked in.  A year on and we are looking to buy a whole new school uniform for him to begin the new school year in September, because he has grown so much.

George school uniform  from Asda is one of our favourite brands to buy.  Not only is it incredibly reasonable with boys' trousers starting at just £3.00 and polo shirts from £2.50 for a two pack, it also has a 100 day satisfaction guarantee.  This means that if the uniform fails to meet your expectations, you can return it with an original receipt for a full refund.  You really can't go wrong with that promise! 

This September also sees my youngest daughter Kizzy start secondary school, which will require us buying her the required school uniform including blazer, white shirt, school tie and regulation knee length skirt.  

It seems like only yesterday that she was a tiny little girl in an oversized school uniform just starting Infant School.


In a blink of an eye she was in Year 3 and starting at her new Junior School.


Now she is about to finish Year 6.


Looking back of photos of the kids from years gone by reminds me just how fast time flies by.  It is so important to live in the moment and make as many memories as you can, enjoying everyday of your children while they are still young.  Because before you know it, they will be grown-ups off to start their own adventures, and leaving  their schooldays far behind them.

After all. it seems like just 5 minutes ago that this was me, back in 1981, aged 12 and at grammar school.  And now I am a 45 year old mother of five!


This post was brought to you in conjunction with George but I retain full editorial control.


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