Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Fault in our Stars - It's a Metaphor

My 18 year old daughter Ella has been a huge fan of John Green for years.  The YA author, VidCon founder, Vlog Brother and Nerd Fighter, is a huge influence in her life, and vicariously, mine too. Back in 2012 when The Fault in our Stars was released, Ella added it to her collection of John Green books.  She read it and raved about the heartbreaking, yet uplifting love story of teenage cancer sufferers Hazel and Augustus. She urged me to read it, which I did, completing it in one day.  I couldn't put it down and I sobbed my heart out.

John Green, TFIOS

TFIOS made it into my "top ten books that will change your life".  Its tragic, raw and heartbreaking premise is offset by its celebration of life, making you determined to rewrite your own story and embrace every living moment as if it were your last.  It is beautiful, poignant and deeply moving.  The characters stayed with me long after the final page was turned and the tears I shed had dried up.

It may be fiction aimed at young adults, but the story of love and loss transcends age barriers. The story's relevance is as powerful to teens as it is to me as a mother.  A mother who still remembers what it is to be young, fearless and in love.  The cancer storyline, although pivotal to the plot does not overpower the human relationships that develop under its dark shadow. In fact, its evil presence makes the love story all the more powerful and beautiful.

This year, came the announcement that The Fault in our Stars was to be made into a movie with John Green himself taking a hands on role to protect his story and the characters and help create a film worthy of the book he had crafted.

Ella has counted down the days, hungry for information, finding photographs from the set and details of the production.  Now, the film is about to be released in the UK and we are going to a special advanced screening on Thursday, before its release next week!  We are so excited as we have heard nothing but praise for this project. It has been hugely successful at the US Box Office and book sales have soared.

The Fault in our Stars OST is one of the most hauntingly beautiful and moving film soundtracks I have heard in a long time.  Featuring original songs from Birdie, Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg and Kodaline, it is the perfect musical accompaniment to the story.  The Kodaline song "All I Want" makes me cry everytime it plays.  It's so bloody moving.  It was also used in Amy Dyer's funeral scene in season 2 finale of  "In The Flesh".  I bawled my eyes out at that too.  So much emotion!  The video is pretty cool too.


Meanwhile, 11 year old Kizzy is getting into The Fault in our Stars mood by creating outfits inspired by the book on Polyvore.  She's made some great boards featuring TFIOS merchandise teamed with other items of clothing.  I think she has definitely got a flair for being a stylist and an eye for fashion!  It's lovely to see her so inspired by a book.

John Green, TFIOS

She is looking forward to seeing the film with Ella and I.  The special screening includes a special pre-recorded Q&A with the stars ... perfect for my TFIOS geeks and John Green fangirls.

TFIOS, John Green

I am so excited about seeing the film on Thursday.  If it is as good as the book, it will be amazing.  If it is as sad as the book I'll need plenty of tissues!  It is guaranteed to be beautifully heartbreaking.

I'll leave you with the official trailer.



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