Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Rockabilly Kids - The Self Standing Kids' Toothbrush


A new innovative idea in kids' dental hygiene is launching into Ocado, Jojo Maman Bebe, Boots and Selfridges. The Rockabilly Kids toothbrushes are a range of toothbrushes that are not only fun and colourful, but are also very practical and more hygienic too.

The toothbrushes feature different characters such as Footballer Farouk,Vet Valerie and Cowboy Clint and come in a range of colours.  Each toothbrush has a detachable head allowing you to replace them when they wear out.  They come with three spare heads for up to a year's teeth cleaning from one purchase.

But the most ingenious thing about The Rockabilly Kids toothbrushes is the fact that you can't knock them over!  They stand on the rounded bases and however much you try and however much they wobble, they won't fall down. This keeps the head away from dirty surfaces, germs lurking on sinks or from touching other toothbrushes in a holder. This is a much more hygienic way of storing a toothbrush ready for use, keeping them away from potentially harmful bacteria.  

Rockabilly Kids

The design of the toothbrush is good for little hands to use.  Freddy uses it really well and likes the feel of the brush in his hands.  It's more robust and less fiddly than a thin handled brush.  The small soft head is perfect for children's teeth.

Freddy loved the funky design and the novelty of its 'Weeble' like qualities.

Rockabilly Kids, toothbrush

I am very impressed with the self standing toothbrush.  Freddy obviously enjoys cleaning his teeth with it and the fact that it doesn't come into contact with potentially germ ridden surfaces is clearly very reassuring.  The replaceable heads are a great idea, allowing you to swap heads every three months, rather than buy a whole new brush.  The fact that each Rockabilly Kids toothbrush comes with three spare heads makes it a good buy.

Keep an eye on for news of the launch.

Freddy received an Astronaut Andy Rockabilly Kids toothbrush to try out for this review.


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