Monday, 2 June 2014

SunSense - Stay Safe in the Sun and sign up to the Sun Sensible 2014 Campaign

When the sun shines, it is so important to protect the family's skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.  SunSense have a range of products that provide protection to keep even the most delicate skins sun safe.  We received some to try out.

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SunSense™ Ultra

A light, smooth, easy-to-apply lotion for the whole family, providing SPF 50+ protection with 4 hours water resistance.
  • SPF 50+, UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection
  • Available in 500ml pump, 125ml bottle and a handy 50ml roll-on, ideal for school bags

SunSense™ Toddler Milk

An easy-to- apply milk formulation especially designed for the delicate skin of infants and children. It provides SPF 50 broad spectrum protection, yet contains lower levels of substances which may irritate your child’s sensitive skin.
  • SPF 50, UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection
  • Water-resistant for 40 minutes
  • Available in a 125ml bottle and a handy 50ml roll-on, ideal for school bags
Both products are easy to apply and rub in well.  They are not fragranced.  

SunSense™ Lip Balm

This New Formulation helps protect, soothe and moisturise dry, chapped lips in all seasons, with added Vitamin E. 
  • SPF 50+, UVA and UVB broad spectrum
  • Glide-on applicator makes for easy application
  • Protects, soothes, moisturises
  • Soft and gentle to apply

The lip balm feels very moisturising and is pleasant to use. It comes in a small tube and you apply it directly using the glide on applicator.  It's handy to keep in your bag or pocket to keep your lips protected all year round.

All these products are great for use at home, school or on holiday. In the summer months, we should all encourage our children to apply a long lasting sun protection lotion daily before school, even on cloudy days. My children's schools all encourage the kids to use sun protection and wear caps to keep them safe at school.

We should all remember to re-apply sun lotion regularly (3-4 hourly) and after contact with water.

Kids Can Win a Surf Shack Sun Shelter for their School with SunSense!

SunSense have launched a national campaign across the country, Sun Sensible 2014, challenging school pupils to put their creativity to the test in order to win a cool surf shack sun shelter for their playground plus SunSense products for the whole class. This will help keep them all sun safe!

Pupils simply need to design a surfboard with a sun theme on the website:  You can register your child's school's interest and download templates by clicking the image below.  Competition ends 11th July 2014.


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